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Released: 2004
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 124 mins.

Hotel Hyde is not your typical Motorway Motel nor is it available in a package tour from your local travel agents, more's the pity. However seven sexy girls (April, Danielle Louise Kelson, Lucy Law, Taylor J Morgan, Sasha, Luise De Marco and Sandra De Marco) appear to have checked in. You get some idea of what may lie ahead when you meet the topless receptionist who tells you to choose any room you want ...

The Bitch's Room (Scene 1). Three hooded men are locked in cages when Danielle Louise Kelson (?) enters in a black basque, fishnet stockings and long black gloves. She immediately starts work on the three, trying to pull them through the bars by their cocks. In the corner she notices a 4th cage holding black-clad April and manages to release her from her knickers with the help of a large pair of scissors. The four then realise the backs of their cages are open and climb out, but rather than escaping they decide on a group sex session.

The Rubber Room (Scene 2). Sandra, dressed in a black latex top with strategically cut holes, finds a rubber clad man in stirrups and starts work on his cock. Lucy, in an all-in-one white rubber outfit, finds a second vacuum-packed man and tries to help him by sitting on his face. She then mounts a pedal-powered fucking machine and gets the boys to cycle for all they are worth. Lucy is unhappy with their stamina and wants more. A large red twisted toy is produced which is slowly screwed into her pussy. This still fails to satisfy her needs so fingers and cocks follow. Sandra returns for anal and DP action before both girls get covered in cream.

The Bridal Suite (Scene 3). Taylor in full Bridal dress has just married Pete le Meat. Within seconds of saying their vows Taylor has Pete's cock in her mouth and he is fingering her pussy. The marriage seams to go wrong within the first couple of minutes when the maid of dishonour - Luisa, in black thigh length boots and fishnet tights - turns up to take Taylor away for some plastic in her pussy. Realising the error of her ways Luisa allows Pete to join in for a DP session with Taylor before going to admit her sins to the priest. In the confessional she gets the wrong (or right) end of the priest's stick.

The Gangbang Boudoir (Scene 4). Luisa in a black basque, stockings and high heels is fingering herself on the bed when cocks start to burst their way through the walls. What can she do? Suck them and fuck them, that's what ...

Chamber of the Undead (Scene 5). Sasha (?), dressed in a flowing black dress, drags April into a room where a coffin sits on a stage. The girls use this to rest on as they start to insert strange shaped toys in their pussies. Lucy, dressed in white, enters the room to see what is going on. The girls leave but the banging appears to have aroused the corpse. With the help of Lucy's magic hands the body starts to come back to life. Pussy juice fully revives the man and before long the stiff is stiff giving Lucy plenty to play with.

The film makes clever use of visual effects such as negative images and change in screen format and retains crisp clear focus throughout. The costumes are erotic, the sets and scenes imaginative and the sex is very, very hot. Even without the 30 minute behind-the-scene extra on the DVD this film is worth every penny.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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