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Released: 2003
Director: Antonio Adamo
Notes: Private
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Running time: 113 mins.

Bobbi Eden is bored with her work on a chat line. All the sex talk means that even sessions with her boyfriend are losing their sparkle. Seeing work colleague Maria jot down a number before excitedly disappearing off after work, Bobbi decides to investigate.

Arriving at Donna's House of Games, Maria is blindfolded and placed on a table. Lighting a cigarette, Donna watches as Maria is teased by three guys. Steve Hooper saunters up behind Donna and slips his hand into her black evening dress, fondling her boobs. The blindfolded blonde sucks at a dick as she's DP'd. Now it's Donna's turn for some fun. Undoing the top of her dress, Donna lets her boobs fall free. One of the guys tugs at her red knickers. Crouching, he parts her pussy lips and licks. Moving over to a red couch, Donna squeezes her erect nipples as a prick is pushed into her mouth. She drops on to her side to be taken spoons as a second guy joins in. Donna's session continues with her being spit-roasted. The guy moves his shaft into her arse. Sitting up, Donna slams down on the guy with his cock in her bum. A second dick is added to her pussy. She rocks and writhes. Her dress on the floor, Donna stoops to catch the spunk in her mouth, then licks her lips.

Bobbi eventually finds the House of Games and is invited in by Donna. As the girls chat, Donna places her hand on Bobbi's breast and leans forward to kiss. Reaching behind the sofa, Donna grabs a large gel dildo. Licking it, she lifts Bobbi's skirt and pushes it past her panties. Stripped down to her long black boots, Bobbi rolls over to be taken doggy by Donna's toy. She laps at the juices. Two guys move in to take Donna's place. Probing her pussy with a vibe, she sits and observes as Bobbi gets pounded. At last Bobbi understands the excitement that Donna can offer.

Having found an outlet to express her sexual desires, Bobbi is keen to join the House of Games. Donna asks her back to witness the initiation of new girls Daniella Schiffer and Sara Palmer.

Nicely shot and well paced, this is a film with sizzling performances from feature star Bobbi Eden and Donna as the House of Games concierge. The story line may not be earth shattering but it does the job, linking all the scenes and moving the action along nicely. Director Antonio Adamo and Private have produced an entertaining two hours worth of movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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