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Released: 2005
Director: Anna Span
Notes and Reviews

Running Time 117 mins. No extras. Review copy provided by Anna Span.

Set in the environs of London's trendy Hoxton, HH is the latest offering from Anna Span - Britain's highest profile female porn director.

There are five scenes in all starting with 'One For The Runners' featuring Claudia [3]. She plays the part of a runner (i.e. an underpaid slave for poncy media types) working for nasty boss Steve Hooper, who doesn't know a good thing even when it's front of him in the form of the lovely Claudia. Fortunately, Tony de Sergio - the nice mate of nasty Mr Hooper - does and it's not long before he's offering Claudia a shoulder to cry on and a cock to suck on. He's the very model of a modern day 'New Man'!

Tony proceeds to fuck Claudia on a pool table while a disinterested couple play on a table in the background (if public outbreaks of rumpy-pumpy are so commonplace in Hoxton they don't cause so much as an eyebrow to be raised, let alone a stiffy, this may explain why property prices in the area have sky-rocketed in recent years). Although the potential of the exhibitionism/voyeurism element isn't really exploited it does add a bit of spice. There's something extremely horny about the notion of a woman who fucks openly in front of whoever happens to be around... After a while SH turns up and it's not long before Claudia is snookered up both holes. The climax has Steve coming over Claudia's tits while Tony unloads on her shaven pussy. New balls please!

Next we find ourselves in the company of Teoni who plays Azura in 'Student Slag'. Is it fair to call a young woman a slag when all she does is make a newcomer to our shores feel welcome? Surely that's good for tourism! Okay, so she meets up with a guy she barely knows and within minutes is giving him a blow-job! Perhaps she thought that was the traditional form of greeting in his native culture. Oh, alright - she's a slag! And a damned fine one at that.

Although Teoni isn't a porn babe in the generic 'Jenna Jameson' mould that seems to have been with us forever, she is a very sexy perfomer. In fact, she appears to have a genuine orgasm while being fucked doggy-style - a rare occurrence in the sexually aerobicised world of adult entertainment. The scene ends with the baked-bean averse stud cumming over Azura's generously proportioned tits which she lovingly massages in.

'Brick Lane Bush Babes' stars Sasha Paris & Karen Wood - a beautifully matched pair, imo. They play a couple who are at odds over a spot of creative plagiarism. While the details aren't important the fact that they both play their parts well, is. Icy stares are exchanged. Invisible daggers are drawn. The tension is palpable... This bodes well as we all know that 'make up' sex is the best going. And when the two lovelies do indeed start punching and kicking the crap out of each other, we know we were right to buy an extra large bucket of popcorn.

Sure enough, when Sasha comes a cropper (with a real elbow scrape, by the look of it) it's not long before the two are making up and making out. This scene features some great pashing (proper snogging - no 'tongues out' nonsense) and lots of close-up pussy licking. Sasha and Karen both look very hot and seem to enjoy their 'work' more than most of us. This is my favourite scene of the five on offer. Admittedly, I do have a preference for girl-only canoodling but only if the scene is of sufficient quality. This definitely meets that criteria.

'Hoxton Foxtrot' is a wham-bam affair with the attractive Michelle Banks, as Melody, getting a fairly rigorous fucking in a couple of positions before sucking off her boyfriend to completion. There's not much else to add except that another position or two wouldn't have gone amiss.

'Spitalfield Strip' is illuminated by the classy presence of Avalon. She returns to her flat from a shopping trip where her miserable git of a boyfriend awaits. "Not another fucking plant!" he mutters. When Avalon reveals to the undeserving tosser that she's also bought herself some new lingerie he doesn't seem quite so pissed off. Indeed he tells her to put them on which seems pretty pointless as we know they're going to be coming off again faster than a Hoxton hipster can scream VPL!

But it turns out he knows what he's doing as he orders his compliant girlfriend to perform a sexy dance to show off her new dainties. Understandably he gets his cock out and starts to wank as he watches her slowly disrobe. Thus, we find ourselves witness to that rarest of phenomena in contemporary adult entertainment: a bit of teasing! The result is one of the sexiest sequences in the film as Avalon spends several minutes showing off her womanly figure to great effect.

Inevitably we move on to the 'good' stuff which kicks off with a long, languorous blow-job. Avalon's boyfriend reciprocates by tonguing her arse and fucking her doggy-style. Some vigorous man-on-top stuff follows before he finally shoots his load over her belly and pussy. All in all, a satisfying scene which will certainly please fans of Avalon.

To sum up, there are some knob-throbbingly good moments in Ms. Span's latest work and anyone seeking a film with fine looking women getting thoroughly shagged in well shot locations will have no complaints if they purchase 'Hoxton Honey'. If I have one suggestion it would be for a bit more variation in some of the set-ups - e.g. it would have been nice to see Sasha and Karen move to another location in the flat as they made out.

Given that Anna's gender still marks her out in the male dominated production side of the sex industry, the question arises: Does having a female behind the camera make any difference? Well, yes and no... Yes, if you believe that making porn should no more be a male preserve than running a marathon or fighting fires used to be. No, if your only concern is with getting enough bangs for your bucks to justify disturbing the moths in your wallet. On that basis the verdict has to be, keep 'em cumming, Anna.

Reviewed by woodgnome

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