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Released: 2005
Director: Saz and Mighty G.
Notes: MAI Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

With some of the top talent and best adult performers in Britain, Hard Days at the Office should be a sure fire hit. But does it live up to expectations ... ?

The first scene, with Angel-Long, gets off to a bit of a wobbly start. Not her performance, which is excellent, just the camera work. Sitting at her desk in a dark suit Angel is day dreaming. Her hands wander up and down fondling her breasts before slipping into her knickers. Stripping, she fingers herself then lifts a large black toy from her desk which is inserted between her legs. Using both hands on the dildo her body quivers as she pumps away at her pussy, the black shaft shining with her cunt juices as she orgasms. Then it's back to the real world and work.

Donna is sitting at the next desk. She admires Angel's new black bra but is far more interested in what is inside. The girls take off their tops to play with each other's tits. Donna then notices Angel's arse and wants to get her tongue into her bum hole. As she licks away boss Tony enters. Rather than telling off the girls he decides to join in, tasting Angel's bum before filling his face with Donna's pussy lips. Easing his cock into Donna's pussy Angel sits on her face to get her fanny licked. The girls swap after a deep clean of the cock. A long fucking and sucking shagathon follows with the girls taking Tony and each other's fingers in their pussies. With their pussies well and truly stuffed the pair want Tony to fill their arses and bend over the desk to take his length up the bum. The anal action continues on the floor, Angel on all fours and Donna under her, licking her pussy as Tony bonks her bum. As they lie on top of each other Tony's dick darts from arse to arse, pulling out so the girls can share his cream.

Bespectacled Natalia has a very unusual approach to her job interview, giving her potential boss a blow job as he feels her ample breasts. Stripping out of her suit she sits on the desk, legs wide apart to let him lick her pussy as she plays with her tits. Natalia may not be good at short hand but she knows how to wank and swallow cock. Once nice and wet she slips it into her inbox. The guy's balls bounce on Natalia's bum as the pair bonk away but she wants to show she can also take control, rolling him over to ride his shaft. Bending over the desk Natalia is taken from behind, her tits swaying with each thrust as she gyrates on the boss's cock. All the action is too much and the guy fires his load into and over Natalia's pussy. She rubs the cream into her legs as she sucks the last drop from his dick.

Donna heads home and finds flatmates Suzie Best and Alexis Silver sitting on the sofa. She can't wait to tell of her office encounters. The talk of lesbian sex with Angel then bonking the boss gets the three girls horny, Donna dropping between Suzie's legs to lick her pussy. The girls strip for some three-way tonguing and finger fucking action. Donna then suggests she is fucked with her favourite lilac toy. Suzie screws the plastic into Donna's pussy working it deep into her fuck hole till she screams. Donna uses a large gold toy on Suzie and its shaft is soon covered in juice. Finally the pair turn their attention to Alexis, holding a small vibe to her clit as her fanny is filled with a large ribbed dildo. Moaning, she climaxes.

Alexis, in a blue denim skirt and tight top, pops off to the bedroom with boyfriend Justin. He is fascinated by her huge tits and just can't keep his hands off them as Alexis goes down on his cock. Moving her knickers to one side Justin uses two fingers on the shaven mound whilst running his tongue across Alexis's clit. Standing, Alexis wants to be taken from behind, her huge breasts swinging as Justin probes her pussy. Getting Justin to lie on the bed she rides his cock cowgirl, letting him suck her nipples as she bounces. The two roll into the missionary position and continue the fucking, her tits wobbling as the couple hump. Alexis wants to taste spunk and Justin covers her tongue in white cream, then gulp ... all gone.

Donna is entertaining three guys at home, gagging on their cocks as they slide past her tonsils. Suzie, in a striped top and thigh length black boots, enters with Pascal, wanting some of the action - two guys each seems fair. The girls strip ready for a sucking and fucking orgy. They want to be shagged from end to end. Donna demands hotter and harder action while sexy Suzie quietly takes all the boys have to offer. Stretching her bum open Suzie moans as she is DP'd. Donna wants some of the same. Pulling her arse wide she gets Pascal to fill her bot. The girls swap guys and the DP action continues. Suzie then balances on the arm of the sofa and her body shakes as the guys take turns to hammer her pussy. Donna, her make up running, is deep throating cock wanting her mouth filled with cream. With the first two guys emptied she goes to Suzie who is still being humped. Suzie takes the third load of spunk in her mouth and the girls share the last load.

The film got off to a shaky start, the camera work in the office scenes leaving a lot to be desired, which is a pity if you are an Angel or Natalia fan. It's not unwatchable, just annoying. This is more than made up for in the section shot in the house, Donna being as hot and horny as normal and Suzie putting in an equally fine and dirty performance. For a girl who looks as if butter wouldn't melt ... Suzie sure knows how to take two cocks!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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