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Released: 2005
Director: Kat Slater
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Cum Swappers 4
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 103 mins.

Kat Slater has been filming performers on both sides of the Atlantic for her latest Girl/Girl/Boy film, Hustler's Cum Swappers 4. Her directing style is to get close to the action and in the two scenes shot in Britain she lends a hand in the performances.

Majella, in a black dress decorated in pink ribbons, is sitting on the settee with Crystal who is wearing a black and lilac bra, lilac knickers and stockings. Majella teases Crystal, pulling her panties hard into her pussy then running her tongue over the tight nylon bulge. Crystal needs cock and when Mr Pete arrives she takes his manhood deep in her mouth. Majella prefers a more acrobatic approach, hanging upside down from the guy's shoulders as she sucks on his dick, then lying to get her throat fucked. As she bends forward, Crystal's knickers are moved to one side so that Mr Pete can access her cunt. The pair fall onto the sofa and continue shagging in the spoons position, Majella working on Crystal's clit till the juices flow. It's now turn for Majella to ride on Mr Pete. Her swollen pussy lips slide down his prick and she pounds away till she squirts. The girls clean the cock, then Crystal climbs aboard cowgirl, her damp knickers pulled hard into her bum. Majella gushes again covering Crystal's arm as she is taken reverse cowgirl. After taking Crystal doggy, Mr Pete fires his watery load into Majella's mouth and the girls share the sperm.

The final scene has Michelle, in her black lingerie and boots, sharing a bed with thin blonde Nicole. Kat fingers the girls as they kiss and caress. At the bottom of the bed Steve is stripped with his cock at attention ready to be licked. The pair run their tongues over the head and down the shaft, taking his balls in their mouths while Kat wanks the cock. Kicking the camera, Michelle throws her leg over Steve to slide his dick into her pussy, her bum bouncing on his thighs as she rides up and down. Nicole removes her red knickers, holding her fanny above Steve's face to be sucked as Michelle dances on his cock. Sitting astride Steve, Nicole uses the head of his man meat on her clit before sliding it deep into her moist minge, leaning back to let Michelle lick the pair. The girls lie on top of each other, Steve's dick yo-yoing between the two wet pussies. Steve shoots his spunk into Michelle's mouth and she shares it with Nicole in a sloppy kiss.

The film has great performances from all the girls and Majella shows off her new squirting talent to good effect. The only slight problem is the closeness of the camera which means it occasionally gets knocked and bumped during the action. Showing close-ups on the American star Teena Fine also reveals that her complexion is a little rough. Having said that, it's worth watching for the Brits.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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