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Released: 2005
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 195 mins.

The days when Gorgeous Gee and the Doll Theatre team produced short wobbly films are now long gone. Their latest release, Horny City Hospital, is a 3 hour plus epic stuffed from beginning to end with raunchy hot action. The introduction for each of the 7 long scenes is done by Laura Derne dressed (or undressed) as a nurse.

The Plumbers Tool
Ian Tate has turned up with a pulled muscle, but nurse Natalie Heck is interested in pulling something else. Climbing onto the bed, Natalie smears Ian's face with her pussy then falls forward for the pair to 69. More tests need to be done on his dick so Natalie runs her tongue around the shaft and balls before probing her tonsils with its head. Plumber Ian offers some professional advice as he plunges Natalie's pussy pipe to check for blockages. He hammers away at nurse Natalie who lies on her back with her knees pulled up to her ears. Everything looks fine so Natalie gets Ian to discharge in her mouth.

Strictly No Panties
Sister Avalon has been caught breaking the rules - she was seen wearing knickers and is now up before hospital inspector Lee Henshaw to try and put things right. Coating her self in baby oil, Avalon fingers her shimmering lips then slips the bottle into her pussy. She hopes to change Lee's mind by swallowing his cock, her head tilted right back so he can fuck her tonsils. Lee finger fucks Avalon's slippy fanny and the pair end up on the floor 69'ing. Mounting Lee's cock, Avalon slithers up and down, arching her back to make full use of his length. Then she moves to the bed, bending over to have her arse filled. The scene ends with Avalon being pile driven, Lee's cock darting back and forth between her pussy and her bum. When he comes his spunk sprays over Avalon's arse and she lets it trickle over her cunt lips and plop on her tits.

Clean Ward/Dirty Nurse
Susie Best, in an arse revealing dress, is cleaning the ward when she comes across some porn mags and a long silver vibrator, this gives her an idea and she climbs onto the bed and starts to masturbate. Using a stethoscope she listens to her pussy as she wanks. Nurse Renee Richards appears, toy in hand, and seeing what Susie is doing decides to join in. The girls use their tongues on each other as they play with the toys. Swiveling round, Renee holds the vibrator in her mouth for Susie to use, then licks off the juices. Pulling on a strap-on Renee lies on her back for Susie to ride the plastic. Susie wants to be stretched so face down on the bed Renee forces a huge toy up her arse. She wriggles and rocks as its pushed deeper and deeper until sighing, she climaxes.

Second Opinion
Elle Brook, in a short red dress, red stockings and 8 inch heels, has been sent to the hospital for an expert opinion on her mumbling minge. Dr Demetri and Dr Tate get Elle to strip while they fondle her body. The boys test her nipples with their tongues. They appear to be OK, but further investigation shows her pussy is in desperate need of an injection of meat. Climbing on to Ian's cock, Elle slams her bum hard against his thighs. The Doctors' diagnosis made, now for the cure. Elle sucks the juice of Ian's dick and slips it back into her pussy. Demetri joins for the next phase of the treatment, slipping his cock into Elle's arse for some DP action. Swapping places the two continue to work on both Elle's holes until she is ready for their medicine - two cock fulls of spunk daily. Elle lets the cream dribble out of her mouth.

Doctors Devilish Device
Natalie Heck, in a fluffy pink top and matching mini, has cut her finger but ends up in the wrong ward. Dr Jay Scarman removes her top and fondles her boobs before getting Natalie to bend over so he can use his stethoscope on her bum. Cutting off her pink knickers, Dr Jay massages lube into Natalie's swollen pussy lips, his fingers investigating the shiny pink folds. Natalie fondles her tits as Jay slips a stainless steel probe in her pussy. Next he tries a silver vibe between her legs, but she askes for something a little larger. From the bottom of his draw comes a double ended dong and Natalie groans as it's worked into her well lubed cunt. Plastic is fine, but what about the real thing. Lying on her back with legs open, Jay prods her pussy with his porker as she rubs hard on her clit. The two hump away through Natalie's screams until Jay can hold back no longer. Pulling out he showers her stomach. And the finger?

An Intimate Consultation
Renee turns up with her husband for a consultation with councillor Demetri in a scene lifted from an old comedy sketch. As the husband drones on and on, Demetri starts to play and fondle Renee. He thinks he can sort things out if she comes behind the screen. She is eased out of her black dress as the husband rambles on. Eventually he is sent out of the room. Demetri licks and laps at Renee's pussy then offers his cock for her to suck on. It's obvious Renee's problem is lack of pussy use and Dr Demetri can quickly remedy that. A little finger manipulation relaxes the muscles and Renee is soon bouncing up and down on his shaft. Bent over the bed, the good Doctor worms his dick deep into Renee's moist hole, the couple ending on the examination couch with Renee riding reverse cowgirl. With Renee fingering herself, Demetri fires his load over her face. She rubs it over her lips then licks it off.

Double Shift Double Shaft
Nurse Jane has just finished a 16 hour shift, her feet are killing her and she is in desperate need of a wank. Smothering her body in lube, Jane rubs her boobs and fingers her pussy, strings of gloop gathering on her lips. Finding a mannequins hand in the cupboard Jane tries it out on her pussy. Filling her knickers with more lube, Jane uses a curved purple toy on her pussy and arse. When Ian and Mark Slone come off shift they find Jane sitting in a pool of gunk. It's obvious to the boys what she needs and they drop their trousers so she can feast on cock. Slurping on Mark's manhood, Jane bends over to let Ian enter her pussy. Mark eases himself deep into Jane's arse while she sucks on Ian, she then lets him fill her pussy. The boys pound away, only stopping to swap positions, until Jane has a body shuddering climax. Kneeling with her mouth open they both cum over her face.

I must admit that when the film started this looked as if it had been made for TV, with strategically placed vases and tables blocking the views of the action, but by the end of the first scene things started to hot up. OK, there is also the occasional camera wobble and a strange 30 second section with Susie where she is talking to the director, but all of this can be overlooked thanks to the performances of the girls. Natalie, Avalon, Susie and Renee were brilliant, but they were outshone by lube covered Sabrina (Jane) and Elle Brook in her first DP scene. Worth buying the film for these two alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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