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Released: 2006
Director: Denis Marti
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Hustler's The Harder They Cum 5
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 125 mins.

Hustler have come to Europe for number 5 in their series The Harder They Cum and have chosen six top girls to star including Mandy Bright, Katy Anderson, Sue Diamond and Britain's Elle Brook. The five scenes in the film are a mix of boy/girl and boy/girl/girl, with Elle appearing alongside the film's director Denis Marti in the last one.

Elle slowly walks away from the camera as it pans up her legs. By the time she reaches a big brown leather chair the camera is concentrating on her red knickers which are pulled tight between her bum cheeks. Sitting, Elle picks up a knobbled glass dildo and, pulling her panties to one side, she slips it into her hairy pussy. Denis enters and takes over the wanking. She moans as he screws the toy deep into her bum and, reaching down, she teases at her clit. Grabbing Elle's bum, Denis starts to lick. She rocks back, rubbing her fanny in his face. His trousers off, she turns and pops his dick in her mouth. Elle's tongue dances over the shaft and balls and, with her blonde hair held back, her head bobs on the cock. Denis sits. Elle slips his manhood into her pussy and hammers down, making her buttocks wobble. Picking her up, he places her on the chair to be fucked missionary, her body jolting with each thrust. She moves, bending over the arm and pulling open her arse, which Denis enters. Kicking off her shoes, Elle balances on Denis's thighs with his cock in her bum. Pressing his prick into her pussy, she fills her gaping arse with the glass dildo. Jumping down, Elle kneels, open mouthed, to catch Denis's jizz.

Great performances from all in this nicely constructed film. Sue Diamond and Sarah James look super hot as they appear together in their black fishnet body stockings and Electra Angel has a sexy line in lingerie for her scene. Hustler have it just about right for The Harder They Cum 5 - a good night's viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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