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Released: 2002
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Legend
Alternate Titles
  • Jerome Tanner's The Heist
Notes and Reviews

Running time 71 mins.

Hannah Harper appears in Jerome Tanner's short plot-based film with a group of established performers, including the Australian Jody Moore.

The story is simple. Hannah is addicted to swallowing cum and has been holding up guys to satisfy her need. Caught by a police after a daring raid she is placed in a line up to see if the latest victim can identify her. Lee Stone has great difficulty till the line up flash their tits and drop their knickers, then it all comes flooding back and he points at Hannah.

In an empty basement Hannah throws Lee to the floor. Then, hiking up her blue skirt, she sits on his face. He offers her money but all she wants is his spunk. His resistance is futile; so he settles down to lick her smooth snatch as he fondles her tits. Hannah yanks down his pants and wraps her mouth around his erect member. Lee plays with her blonde curled hair as her tongue dances over the knob end. Lying on a bench, Hannah eases his cock into her pussy. Her leg rests on his shoulder as he humps away. Leaning on a wall to be shagged, she is taken doggy. The shagging becomes more intense. With Lee flat out on his back, Hannah sinks his cock up her arse as she rides him reverse and, pulling on her pussy, she climaxes. Lee pulls out and sprays Hannah's tits with cream, she wanted him in her mouth..... Lee says its definitely her.

As Hannah is led away to the cells, Policeman Pete dismisses the other girls but gets Brittney Skye to stay behind so she can re-enact the crime.

In prison all Hannah can is lie on her bed and wank. In the cell next door Belladonna is entertaining the warden and getting all the cum she wants.

During a brief girl-on-girl shower scene with Belladona, Brittney and Summer Storm the four decide to break out to rob a bank... a sperm bank.

The four escape and, dressed in long black coats and boots, they enter the building. A long line of guys are waiting to make deposits. Summer thinks why have frozen when fresh is available and sets to work on the guard. Seeing the success Summer has had, Brittney follows pulling off a guy in the queue.

Having got what they want the girls make their getaway, swigging test tubes of white cream in the car.

This is a well made film with an extremely corny plot and a group of very good girls in hot hard scenes. The film even has time to poke fun at itself - as Hannah lies wanking in her cell a voiceover talks about satisfying her need by becoming a porn star, but unfortunately she can't act. The big let down, however, is the film length. Chop out the titles at both ends and the film is just over an hour long. This is a pity as there is plenty of scope within the film for scenes to develop, but these were cut short. A nice film to watch but desperately short.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle.

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