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Released: 2002
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Legend
Alternate Titles
  • Jerome Tanner's The Heist 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 85 mins.

This film is the sequel to Jerome Tanner's The Heist also staring Hannah Harper and Brittney Skye. The plot is based around a gang of dangerous black-clad girls led by Hannah. Having failed as robbers they turn their attention to kidnapping and have found the perfect victim, Joel Lawrence, the son of a wealthy TV Evangelist. Things go wrong from the start when they find he shares the house with three other guys. Hungry for cock, the girls go about converting the religious order.

Brittney finds 'virgin' Evan Stone in the shower. His resistance soon wanes when she drops her long black coat on the floor to reveal her tits.

Hannah phones demanding $2 million and no police involvement, but it's too late - the SWAT team are already on site. Steve Holmes is sent into the building and finds Hannah alone. He strips her down to her black stockings and checks her pussy and arse for weapons. When he finds nothing the two fall onto the couch. Hannah sucks his dick then rubs the wet tool between her tits. Steve drops down and his tongue dances over Hannah's clit as he fingers her arse. She throws her head back and moans. With Hannah pressed against the wall, Steve slips his prick into her pussy. The pair move back to the sofa where, spreading her legs, Hannah is taken missionary. Standing over Steve, Hannah sinks his cock into her arse, grinding and rocking herself against his balls. Ready to cum, Steve covers Hannah's face in jizz. Exhausted by the shagging, Steve lies down and still-fresh Hannah ties him up ... another hostage.

To show they mean business, Estelle Laurence grabs Nicco Night and under the glare of the police search lights gives him a blow job. Hannah threatens to blow a hostage an hour unless the money is paid.

Taking Joel to one side she reveals it's not really the money she's after but revenge, his step mother ran off with Hannah's lesbian lover. She prepares for sex, slowly stripping out of her black blouse.

Next door, Ashley is just about to blow the next hostage when SWAT member Chris Cannon dives in with his cock out to save him - he'll take his place. Chris licks at Ashley's pussy through her fishnet body stocking, then watches her squirm as he sticks his fingers in her arse. Ashley tugs at her tits as she takes Chris's cock in her cunt. Stripped, she rides his dick, hammering down on his thighs. Standing with her forehead resting on the bed, Ashley is shagged from behind. She turns to catch his cum.

Terrified the police will break in before he has sex, Joel urges Hannah to hurry up and fuck him. She drops down on his cock, her lips wrapped around the shaft and starts to swallow. Sucking is fine but Joel wants fucking. Laying Hannah down, he takes off her black panties and fingers her damp hole. Holding her stocking-clad legs he pushes his prick into her pussy and starts to shag. The two swap places, Hannah bouncing up and down on Joel's cock reverse cowgirl. She kneels to accept his spunk on her face as the police rush in. Joel doesn't want to press charges.

OK, the plot may be very corny but it's a lot of fun and the cover note "Edge of your Seat" misses the words "with laughter". The performances from the girls were sexy and seductive and the guys appeared to be playing it for laughs, with Evan Stone being slightly camp in his shower cap and ever so serious Chris Cannon placing his dick in Ashley's mouth in the line of duty. A great film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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