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Released: 2006
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy on the Eye (originally a TVX series)
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Running time: 103 mins.

Anna Span has turned to the police for the inspiration for her film Hand of the Law. Originally shot in 2005 for Television X, five of the scenes are now available on an R18 DVD. As with Anna's other work the settings and build up are as important as the sex and here she is a master. Hand of the Law could be considered as 'The Bill' with shagging.

Escort Me To The Station
In a flowing silk gown, Alexis opens the door to find three PCs on her step. They have come to initiate a rookie on a training exercise. Alexis knows the routine and leads them to the bed room. Kneeling in the centre of the bed she drops her gown. The new boy is sent to the corner to make notes as Dave and Ian Tait get their dicks out. Alexis starts to suck at the pair as her bra is removed. Ian fondles her breasts and his hand moves down between her legs and into her fanny. Her tongue dances over the PCs' pricks. Her pussy is wet and Ian enters from behind. The rookie sits wanking as he watches. Alexis's boobs swing wildly as she is banged doggy. Flat on her face, Dave cums over Alexis's bum. She turns onto her back for Ian to finish her missionary, coating her stomach in spunk. The new boy has cum on his hands. Lesson over, the three leave.

Cleaned Out
Returning from his holidays, Steve Hooper finds his flat has been almost emptied. WPC Avalon turns up to investigate. Steve has form and Avalon is sure this is a put-up job, but her interrogation technique is somewhat unorthodox. Kneeling before him her tongue flicks at his jeans. She pulls out his cock and wraps her lips around it. Avalon unbuttons her blouse and drops her trousers. The black and green lingerie are not regulation police issue. Crouched over his cock, she lowers herself down and her boobs dangle over Steve's face as she grinds away cowgirl. Avalon spins round to ride reverse, then falls onto her side. Flushed Steve jerks off over Avalon. She laps it up ... It was a put up job, she did it.

Hidden Goods
Alex is clearing his sinuses with white powder when the police come knocking. Susie Tamworth wants to know where he was last night and, not happy with his reply, she starts to search the flat. She finds nothing; so it's time to strip search Alex. Rubber gloves on she gives him an internal, but she needs to probe deeper. Her knickers off, she dons a police-issue blue strap-on and gets him to bend. Thrusting into his arse, Susie notices Alex is getting a hard on. She'll make use of that, taking it into her mouth. She leans forward to be filled doggy. The pair fall into spoons. Alex shags Susie's stubbly snatch and she climaxes, admitting the police have nothing on him.

Assess the Damage
Amazon is on the balcony in her bikini, painting, when she notices some jemmy marks. PC John is quickly round to inspect. Amazon is impressed with his efficiency as he checks for fingerprints. The pair go to the kitchen for a chat and a cuppa. She notices something bulging in his pants and it's not a truncheon. Dropping to the floor, Amazon takes John's porker between her lips and slowly sucks. His dick disappears into her mouth as he tweaks at her nipples. The two head for the bedroom, Amazon's bikini bottoms coming off as she hits the mattress. John laps and fingers her fanny and she lies back, legs apart, to take his cock. Pulling on his cap, Amazon admires herself in the full length mirror as she rides cowgirl. She climbs off and tugs at John's tadger making him come. Amazon licks the jizz off John's stomach.

On Duty Police
Elizabeth and Stefan Hard are pounding their beat. The two are up for some fun. Calling at a set of luxury flats, they persuade the caretaker to give them the keys to check on a burglary. Letting themselves in, the two dive on the bed pulling off their uniforms. Elizabeth grabs Stefan's shaft and stuffs it in her mouth. The couple 69, licking and fingering each other. Wanting to take control, Elizabeth sits on Stefan's cock and bounces reverse. He reaches round to play with her tits. Pulling at her bum cheeks, Stefan fills Elizabeth doggy. The two tumble over and end fucking missionary. Wanking away, Stefan cums over Elizabeth. She licks up the evidence. They dress, straighten the place up and leave. All looks OK as they make their way back to the station.

The film features some great girls and guys in their police uniforms in five nicely worked out scenes. If you are after end-to-end bonking then Anna's work is probably not for you, but if you want a bit of a story and acting, topped off with well-filmed hot action, her films are a must and Hand of the Law is no exception.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (January 2007):

Review copy courtesy of Anna Span.

Anna Span presents five short films with a Police theme, picking up the uniform theme she has done before. Each scene is given a fairly lengthy build up to the sexual action which fans of wall to wall fucking will skip. In fact fans of non stop sex shouldn't buy this DVD at all as only half of each scene is actual congress. Anna and her team certainly present authentic looking police officers in a variety of interesting locations with good camerawork and naturalistic lighting.

Anna consoistently presents intelligent Brit porn that looks good and is a welcome relief from cheap gonzo, plus she gets good performances from her actors, especially the real life partners Stephan and Elizabeth, although she is less successful with Susie and Alex. The productions are obviously tailored to the original short Television X slots which, when seen as a DVD compilation, look a little formulaic. It would be good to see Anna tackle a full length production.

Escort me to the Station
Alexis is a high class hooker who keeps the local Community Safety Team sweet by sharing her favours. Sergeant Ian Tate and Constable Dave bring newbie Corrie along to Alexis's huge bright modern apartment (it looks like the whole floor of an open plan office, but it does give beautiful natural light) for extra helpings, much to Alexis's annoyance. However Alexis knows when to comply with an officer of the law so slips off her robe revealing pretty satin lingerie and takes both guys in hand. and soon has both guys stripped. When all three are nicely naked, Alexis is spit roasted doggystyle on the bed until Dave comes over her bum, then Ian carries on in missionary until he pulls out to shoot over Alexis's pussy. Corrie watches the proceedings, cock in hand, and in the end has to pull a couple of soliciting charges for Alexis's girls.

Cleaned Out
Returning to his flat from New York, Steve Hooper thinks he has been burgled, so PC Avalon is sent to investigate. Armed with Steve's previous criminal record, Avalon believes he may be smuggling and gives him a strip search.She then demands satisfaction before she'll issue a crime number so that Steve can get a new DVD player. Avalon slowly strips to stockings and suspenders then rides Steve on the bed (keeping her police bonnet and equipment belt in place!). Cowgirl is followed by spoons before Steve supplies a sample over his belly for Avalon to lick off. Steve still wants his snooker table and plasma screen back, but there's a twist.

Hidden Goods
Alex Foster is doing a line of coke in his flat when WPC Susie Tamworth knocks on his door. She's here to check out his alibi for the previous night and has a warrant to search both the flat and Alex. She orders Alex to strip, then while he is bent over the sofa, Susie strips to her basque and stockings and buggers the suspect with a blue strap on. Alex is clean, and even cleaner when Susie polishes his knob with her mouth which leads to her demanding a fucking doggystyle. More brief fucking in spoons before Alex climaxes, although this isn't actually shown.

Assess the Damage
Amazon is another victim of crime who is painting the french windows when PC John Anthony arrives to take down her particulars. Amazon makes John a cup of tea and explains what is missing, then, while having her fingerprints taken in the kitchen, undresses John and sucks his cock to hardness. The naked pair move to the bedroom for a fuck in spoons and cowgirl before John comes over his torso which Amazon licks off.

On Duty Police
PC's Stephan Hard and Elizabeth Lawrence sneak off to a flat that Stephan should be checking for prints, but instead they go straight to the bedroom where they strip off for sex. 69 is followed by a fine reverse cowgirl, then sex in some more nice positions before Stephan comes in the regulation way for this DVD. The pair then get dressed and resume their patrol positions.

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