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This collection starts with Sarah [15] pleasuring herself with her fingers while naked on a sofa.

Scene two is shot at either Yvette's or Shannon's place as they've both been fucked on the grey-blue dralon furniture before. This time it's a girly thing with the ladies in red and black pvc lingerie pleasuring each other with a wicked double pronged vibrator. Shannon takes it first, but Yvette gets the orgasmic pleasure and lying, legs akimbo, in a big armchair Shannon dons a latex glove and comprehensively fists her friend.

Solo pleasure next for Charlotte (unlisted) which is the build up to her boy-girl scene with Marino described in Back Street Babes.

Frank Thring, seemingly in Lee Nova guise, does a bit to camera explaining that he is by the Thames in Gloucestershire looking for Cameron's house as he has a new girlfriend. Cameron turns out to be Omar Williams and his girlfriend is Vivienne Perello. While Omar is naked and Vivienne strips to white stockings, Frank observes the proceedings from the bed, eventually getting his cock sucked. Meanwhile Omar has given the slim and petite Vivienne a serious fucking up the arse.

Christine [11] in purple rubber dress poses by a white grand piano (stills from this session are frequently found as freebies on the net), before getting a deecent shagging from Karl Gent on a bed.

Lolly B pleasures herself with a large vibrator while sitting on a sofa in a hotel room. What looks like Karl Gent's hand replaces the plastic, slipping inside Lolly up to his watch strap.

Lesley Saye as a schoolgirl in the back of a Bentley. This is the solo preamble to her outdoor bg scene in a farmyard with Chris News in Sex Starved Bitches 2.

Czech girl Anna (unlisted) gets fucked in a hotel room in Prague in a scene that has appeared in several compilations including Amateur Fuck Sluts 3.

The final scene is Wendy and Josephine James in their scene again from Amateur Fuck Sluts 3.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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