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Released: 2007
Director: John Mason as Johnny Rebel
Notes: VivThomas.com
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Running time: 160 mins.

Like a lot of people, John Mason has been going through his videos of old holidays. When he came to the section on Portugal 2005 he popped them on a DVD and released it to the public. Though the settings and the girls are very familiar, as far as I can work out none of the footage has been released before.

A blonde Elle Brook lies on a blue and white striped lounger cover, under the shade of the trees. Pascal is beside her, pawing his hands over her pink top and knickers. Pulling her panties tight into her snatch, he unfastens Elle's bra. He squeezes her tits together, then moves down her body with his tongue. Elle rolls to be finger fucked before screwing herself round to get at Pascal's cock. The pair 69. Sliding over Pascal's stomach, Elle eases his prick into her pussy. Stepping out of her panties, she remounts his manhood cowgirl. The sun dapples the couple as they turn onto their knees. Elle is filled from behind. She falls on her side and is finished spoons, Pascal pulling out to shower her back in spunk.

Mika sits on Pascal's lap beside the pool. He presses his face into her tits, pushing her back onto the lounger. Pulling aside Miki's black panties, Pascal buries himself under her checked skirt. Taking out his cock, Mika gently takes the tip between her lips and sucks. Her fingers wind their way around his shaft. Positioning herself over Pascal's dick, she settles down to ride him. He picks Mika up, placing her on her back for the fucking to continue. Turning over, Mika sticks her bum high in the air to be taken doggy style. Pascal pulls her back until she ends up reverse cowgirl on his prick. The couple shag spoons. Pascal empties his balls over Mika's pert tits.

Back under the trees, this time Pascal is with Evie. Lifting her boobs out of her black top, he caresses them. She stoops forward, tonguing the front of his pants before undoing the zip. Evie's head bobs on Pascal's prick. Tugging at his todger, she runs the damp member over her tits. Pressing his mouth against Evie's black knickers, Pascal parts her pussy lips and sucks. Panties off, Evie moans and the juices flow as she's fingered. Pascal lies back for Evie to mount his dick. Wrapping his arms around her body, he pulls himself upright. Evie lowers herself back and Pascal sucks on her toes as he shags her missionary. Twisting and turning, reverse cowgirl becomes doggy. Pascal hammers away at Evie's pussy. She sits up. Pascal holds Evie's blonde hair back as he jets his load over her face.

Black lingerie, stockings and high heels is novel gear to wear when you're sunbathing, but that's exactly what Jessica is wearing for her scene by the pool with Pascal. He bites at her tits, then lowers her onto the lounger to lap and finger her pussy through her knickers. With a view of the sea in the distance, Jessica sits up and wanks Pascal's prick between her lips. The two climb onto the lounger to 69. Her knickers removed, Jessica slides cowgirl onto Pascal's prick. The couple roll over for more fucking. Spoons and doggy shagging follow before Jessica returns to lying on her back to use her nylon clad feet on Pascal's prick. More pussy penetration and Pascal cums over Jessica's stomach. Grabbing his cock, she laps up the last drops of cream.

Jessica appears in the next scene, this time with Renee in the garden. The girls kiss and caress before running their tongues over each other's bodies. The two press their boobs together. Jessica slowly works her way down to Renee's pussy and licks. Swapping positions, Renee's tongue flicks over Jessica's fanny. She slips a finger into the moist hole. Renee kneels and a toy is worked between her legs. Jessica hands it to Renee for a taste. The vibe is pushed into Jessica's pussy as the girls 69. A second toy appears and the pair bring each other to orgasm.

Having finished with Jessica, Renee finds herself in a repeat performance in the next scene, this time with Lola. The only difference is the toys the girls use.

Evie and tattooed Belgian Janca are next under the trees for some girl on girl action. Nibbling at each other's nipples, their hands move down to each other's pussies. Rubbing bodies together, Evie makes her way to Janca's shaven snatch and licks. The two 69. Janca gets a large knobbly toy and slides it into Evie's pussy. It gently hums away. A whirring rabbit is screwed into Janca's fanny. When it's pressed against her clit, she sighs. Poking and prodding over, the two lie side by side masturbating. One last moan and they kiss.

The final scene sees yet more lesbian antics, this time Mika and Caroline, who share a lounger by the pool. The girls run their hands over each other's bodies. Mika lifts her fuchsia top so Caroline can get to her tits. In gentle girl-on-girl action, the two explore each other's bodies, licking necks and ears before making their way to each other's pussies. With fingers and toys, the two prise open pussies to get the juices flowing. The girls drop onto all fours to try the vibrators as the scene ends.

I have to admit this isn't the best work produced by John Mason, with some of the scenes suffering from iffy lighting. Things aren't helped by the poor presentation and editing on the film, which includes a strange caption appearing half way through one scene stating 'out of media'. The other question is on the ordering of the scenes. The boy/girl stuff with Pascal, like the girl/girl scenes, were very similar, so why run them one after the other. It makes the film too predictable. Overall, good girls in a mediocre film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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