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Released: 2007
Notes: All Amateurs DVD
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There is really only one thing necessary to know about this DVD - it is awful. While bad films can be a pleasure to review, to describe and to denegrate this assemblage of professional b/g and grimy g/g/solo amateur footage almost defies description. The opening titles suggest what is to come, with their unrelenting descriptions of genuine amateur sex action, only to find the first scene is John Mason fucking Polish sexpot Chelsea, who's been modelling professionally for some years. I've not seen a more overhyped DVD since I read the back pages of The Sport in the 1980's. As a compilation of clips it apes Viewers' Wives with the use of pro clips to pad out the programme, but as the only action is from John Mason shagging and the whole programme is less than half as long as a VW, I know where I'd spend my money.

  • John and Chelsea on a bed; both are naked and they fuck until Chelsea wanks John off.
  • Slim brunette in thigh boots and short skirt masturbates through her pants, then uses a decent sized dildo.
  • Two twentysomethings, one brunette and one blonde, remove their pants and dildo each other on a bed in a room located far too near a busy main road.
  • John Mason fucks Teoni on a bed, including anal, then she wanks him off.

That's all folks

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

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