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Released: 2007
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy On The Eye
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Running time: 117 mins.

Anna keeps her finger on the national zeitgeist with this examination of the social problems of young people today. With interviews with leading politicians and social commentators, she examines why today's young men want to wear hooded sweatshirts and stick their cocks into the cunts of sexually uninhibited young women. Well actually she doesn't, but that last bit is true.

Fortunately the hoody theme is not overdone, tending to be limited to the establishment shots where groups of youngsters are seen chatting with their mates on housing estates. In the first scene, chavs Carmel and Karlie are chatting on the balcony of their flat when Vince Velvet and Kody turn up from the Council to measure up for redecoration. Fortunately the girls think that Kody measures-up as they persuade him to undress by taking their own clothes off. When Vince returns, all three are nearly naked and he needs no encouragement to strip off and fuck Carmel (who still wears her baseball cap). Kody fucks Karlie doggystyle but looks like he's losing wood, so Vince moves across and fucks Karlie up the bum before pulling out and shooting over her buttocks while Carmel watches.

After taking a bath, Sahara invites the boy next door, Justin Joy, round for sex. After some small talk, Sahara lets her robe slip revealing some pretty blue underwear. Justin needs no further encouragement and moves across to strip Sahara. The pair move to the sofa where they fuck in missionary and cowgirl before moving to the floor where Justin slips his big black cock up Sahara's bum. Sliding into spoons, Justin's cock stays in Sahara's arse as she finds a vibrator to fill her pussy and bring herself off. No visible cumshot.

Along with a couple of members of the production crew, Stephan and Marius meet Antonia and Leah out on the estate and invite the girls back to Stephan's. The flat needs a bit of work, still no Sky tv, but the bed is big enough for all four, which is where they all end up. Eventually eveyone ends up naked when Antonia climbs on top of Marius's sheathed cock while Leah mounts Sephan. The girls swap partners, moving to reverse cowgirl and finally missionary in a fine example of synchronised sex. The boys then wank over their partners' chests and the girls lick each other clean.

The combination of a new haircut and smart black suit give Isabel a look of feminine power that she should exert more often. Here she meets a bunch of young hoodies lurking in the local laundry. She selects three of the 'lads', Kody, Vince and Justin, to take back to her flat where she lines them up and sucks their cocks. Stripping to her very pretty pants she stands over Justin as he wanks off, then concentrates on Vince and Kody, rimming them both before Kody explodes over her face.

Having failed to pick up a young man, Crystal-Lei and Emma return home for sex with each other. Crystal-Lei finds a double ended dildo so the girls undress each other, removing their track suits and underwear. They then proceed to pleasure each other with a variety of dildos, fingers and an empty wine bottle, before finally Emma pushes a few of her toes into Crstal-Lei's pussy rendering both young women satisfied.

Anna Span is one of the few UK producers with an identifiable personal style. Even luminaries like Ben Dover and Terry Stephens have had their style aped so that a personal appearance is required to confirm auteurship. Each 25 minute episode is a little story where the fucking is just part of the action and there's not a checklist of positions on the script. If you like Anna's style then this will be an enjoyable couple of hours, although for me the sight of Isabel Ice getting three guys back to her place and stripping but not fucking them all was a major disappointment.

The DVD comes with a separate 70 minute film on the making of the main feature. Although it would have benefited from a little tighter editing, the film shows not only the trials and tribulations of a porn producer in an industry where no shows and last minute changes are the norm, but also the performers themselves explain their own lives in the business.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Shot in and around an inner city estate, Anna Span has dressed her cast as chavs and chavettes, draped in their best bling for this five scene film. To add to the authentic feeling of the film the action takes place in real flats, complete with their gaudy decor and general clutter.

Girls Toys
Sitting on the balcony of the flat, Carmel and Karlie Simon talk about their favourite subject, cock. Kody and Vince from the council turn up. They want to check the flat. With the girls parents away, they let them in for some fun. Vince sets off with his tape measure, while Kody sits uncomfortably between the girls on the sofa as they fantasise about dick. Carmel removes her padded jacket as Karlie undoes her top, to lift out her boobs. Kody can't believe what's happening as the girls play with each other's boobs. They then turn their attention to him. Unbuttoning his shirt and tugging down his trousers, he doesn't put up much resistance. Kody laps at Carmel's pussy and then moves on to Karlie's shaven snatch. Vince returns to find his work mate finger-fucking fannies. Carmel soon has Vince out of his suit and her mouth wrapped round his cock. She runs the wet shaft over her cleavage. Karlie practices her blow job technique on Kody as Carmel gets fucked beside her. Both girls kneel on the sofa to get shagged from behind. Swapping boys, Karlie jams Vince's dick in her tight arse. He's enjoying his first day in his new job. Carmel watches and wanks. With Kody off, Vince cums over Karlie's back.

My Bad
Sahara lies soaking in the bath. Outside her window, Justin chats away on the phone. Pulling on her silk gown, she goes out. Justin stands as she takes her underwear from the washing line. He starts to chat Sahara up. She likes a bit of bad boy and invites him in. The two kiss. Sahara's gown falls open to reveal her pale blue flowered lingerie. Justin strokes at her panties and pulls them down. Sitting, Sahara opens her legs and holds Justin's face to her fanny. His tongue flicks over her pussy and clit and his hands reach up to her boobs. Sahara stands Justin up to see what he can offer. His prick falls out of his pants and plonks onto her face. Holding it hard, her tongue darts over the tip. She pops it into her mouth. Lying back, Justin's balls brush against the sofa cushions as he takes Sahara missionary. She turns him over and rides cowgirl. Dropping to all fours, she wants him in her bum. He's never fucked a girl in the arse before so now's his chance. The two roll over and, to add to her excitement, Sahara stuffs a purple vibrator into her pussy. She cries out with pleasure.

He's Well Fit
Antonia (as Jamie) and Leah are walking through the estate when they meet Stefan and Marcus. With nothing better to do the four head back to the guy's flat ... It's a bit of a tip, still they manage to make their way to the bedroom. The guys take off their shirts so the girls can admire their physiques. Leah flashes her red knickers as she removes her jeans. Antonia lifts her striped top and short denim skirt to show her spotted lingerie. Both girls make a move for the boys' cocks. Slipping Antonia's boobs out of her bra, Marcus bites at her nipples. Stefan does the same to Leah. Getting the guys to stand, the two take their dicks between their lips. Both girls heads bob in unison. With Antonia's knickers off, Marcus sets about munching on minge. Leah is happy swallowing cock. Stefan slides down to lap at Leah's studded pussy and clit. She groans with his tongue work. With the boys on their backs, the girls ride their cocks, swapping half way through. Antonia and Leah move side-by-side to be filled missionary. The bed bounces as the two are bonked. Stefan pulls out and showers Leah's tits with spunk. Marcus follows, squirting his load onto Antonia's stomach.

I Know She's Rude
A gang of guys has gathered in the launderette when Isabel enters. Her washing isn't yet finished, so she sits to wait. One of the guys recognises her as a famous porn star and gives her some lip. Kody tells the group to lay off. Isabel dosen't mind, she'll take them all on. The gaggle head back to her flat. Although, by the time they arrive, a couple have done a bunk. It still leaves Isabel with three cocks to play with and she orders the boys to strip. Kneeling before them she takes each in turn down her throat, then licks them two at a time. Pulling down her jeans she rubs the three against her pink silk knickers, then takes them back in her mouth. Giving the boys a tit wank, one cums in her cleavage. She turns the other two round to rim their arses. All Isabel wants now is to see their spunk. She jerks the remaining two guys into her mouth.

Lezzin it Up
Crystal-Lei and Emma B are outside having a smoke when they see a bloke they fancy. He's having none of it, so the two head inside for some girl-on-girl fun. Emma shows Crystal her new toy - a double-ended dong. She stares at it with amazement as the whole length goes down Crystal's throat. The two start to kiss and strip. Emma sucks at Crystal's nipples, then offers her own to be licked. Moistening a vibrator in her mouth, Crystal sticks it in Emma's pussy. She then holds a second buzzing toy against Emma's clit and laps at it. Moaning aloud, Emma orgasms. It's now Crystal's turn. Emma spreads her open and probes her wet pussy with her tongue, followed by the double-ended toy. Crystal wants more, taking a wine bottle and four fingers in her cunt. Still it's not enough and so she uses Emma's toes and foot between her legs before climaxing. The bed clothes are soaking as the two girls giggle and kiss.

Easily identifiable as an Anna Span film, Hug a Hoodie has more sex action than her previous works, although the build up and scene setting are still there. It's nice to see Anna has used a mix of established and inexperienced performers. She gets the best out of both the girls and guys, even if the new boys can't always produce their pop shots on cue. Still, it doesn't spoil the film. As well as the movie, the DVD also contains a very good 74 minute 'Making of the Movie' extra. In this, Anna and the cast talk openly about the industry and their experiences as well as showing the work which goes into doing a shoot. Hug a Hoodie shows Anna is still one of the best British directors around ... and long may her work continue.

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