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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 124 mins.

The 'made for TV' origins of High Class Hookers are easy to spot with six identical in length scenes, all following the same format and with identical introductions. In their penthouse suite overlooking the River Avon in Bristol, Michelle Thorne and Laura Michaels have set up the Platinum Escort Agency. They soon have punters beating a path to their door.

Their first client is Danny. He has a penchant for busty blondes and the girls have just what he needs. Michelle B relaxes on a cushion strewn sofa, awaiting Danny's arrival. Michelle Thorne ushers Danny in to meet Michelle B and leaves. Taking his place on the sofa, Danny gropes Michelle's boobs through her white blouse. She slips her hand into her cream silk panties. Danny drops down to lick between Michelle's legs as she fingers herself. The two swap places. Michelle buries her face in Danny's lap. Her boobs sway as she sucks. Her short black skirt gathered round her waist, Michelle eases herself down onto Danny's shaft to ride him, reverse. The shagging continues as the pair drop onto their sides. Face down in the furry cushions, Michelle is taken doggy. She spins to get fucked, reverse. Sliding off the sofa, Michelle ends being pile driven. Danny jerks his jizz into her mouth.

Wayne is next on the phone to book Paige. Arriving at the penthouse, Wayne wastes no time with introductions and sets to unbuttoning Paige's white blouse. Her skirt on the floor, Paige stands in her sexy lingerie unzipping Wayne's trousers. They drop to his ankles and she starts sucking his dick. Picking Paige up, Wayne places her on the sofa. Pulling her panties down, he probes her pussy with his tongue. The two swing round and 69. Paige climbs onto Wayne's cheb and rides cowgirl. She twists to face him. Moaning, Paige is fucked doggy. Turning onto her back, the head of the second cameraman pops into view. The session ends with some missionary work and a cum shot into Paige's mouth.

Ben is looking for something different. He wants to watch some girl/girl action. Laura and Michelle can oblige. Wearing a short black dress, Michelle settles down on the sofa beside a suited Laura. The two kiss as buttons are undone. Michelle's tongue darts over Laura's nipples. She lifts her own boobs out to be licked. Spreading her legs, Michelle gets Laura to lap at her panties. She teases her clit as two fingers enter her pussy. Knickers pulled aside, it's Laura's turn to be probed. Ben tugs at his cock as he watches the pair jab toys into each other. Moving closer, Laura lets Ben slide in her rabbit. Michelle sits beside him rubbing at her pussy. Ben wanks away, but the girls stop him before he cums.

Alex is invited into the Penthouse by Michelle. A stocking clad Daisy is waiting to meet him. Dropping to her knees, she pulls out his cock and takes it deep into her mouth. Daisy's dress and lingerie discarded, the two move to the sofa. She straddles Alex's dick and rides him reverse, hammering down on his thighs. With shouts and cries, Daisy is filled spoons. She turns onto all fours to be fucked. With her legs on Alex's shoulders, Daisy is taken missionary. She props herself up on the sofa to be pile driven. Crouching, Daisy catches Alex's cream in her mouth.

Businessman Paul has called to see Evie. She stands in her slinky white dress. Reaching round, Paul unzips it and it falls to the floor. Evie bends and fills her face with Paul's cock as he removes his shirt and tie. Perched on the edge of the sofa, the two kiss and caress. Paul nibbles at Evie's nipples then heads down to her neatly trimmed pussy. The action follows the same pattern as before: cowgirl, missionary, spoons and doggy. The scene ends with Evie receiving a facial.

Les is the last guy through the doors. He's booked a session with Lala. Kissing, the two strip each other. Peeling down Lala's panties, Les laps at her smoothly shaven snatch. Squatting, Lala wraps her fingers around Les's shaft and guides it into her mouth. Lying back on the sofa, Lala spreads her legs to be licked. The two move to the floor where she gyrates her way down his cock. Climbing back on her sofa, the sex continues reverse cowgirl and spoons. The scene finishes with Lala being entered from behind before taking Les's load on her face.

Watching High Class Hookers, it's apparent the film was shot to a rigid formula which, after a couple of scenes, makes things rather predictable. This may be okay when the scenes are shown a week apart on the TV, but seen one after another, they become repetitive. The other thing of note is a drop in standards for the filming and editing, which is unusual for a Pumpkin production: Someone's thinning bonce (director Phil?) bobs into view on more than one occasion. High Class Hookers is a watchable Pumpkin film, but not a classic.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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