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Released: 2008
Director: Freddie Morse & Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive
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Running time: 124 mins.

While some studios set their holiday based films in the Seychelles or the Caribbean, MSS have done things a little differently. Directors Freddie and Bob have bought eleven girls day return tickets to the coast for sun, sea, sand and sex. Although, with this being Britain, the sun was missed out.

Arriving at Brighton station, Angel Reece (as Jenny) meets up with Poppy and heads to a windswept sea front for a ride on the waltzer. On the way back to their holiday flat, the girls call in at a sex shop to pick up a toy or two. Armed with bags of goodies, they plan to spend the afternoon indoors, playing. The floor strewn with parcels, the pair strip. Poppy admires Angel's freshly shaven pussy. Licking it, she shoves in a set of love balls. Pulling the string across Angel's clit, the balls slowly plop out. Jumping onto the sofa, a double-ended dong is the next toy to be used. Angel laps at Poppy's hairy muff as it slips in and out. Fastening up a strap-on, Poppy has as much fun as Angel as she takes her from behind. The two taste the juices from the plastic prick. Grabbing more toys, the duo wank the afternoon away.

Paige is a dab hand at crazy golf and is thrashing Tony and Pascal. Flushed with her success, Paige accompanies the boys back to the warmth of their hotel room. Phoning Rebecca, the three invite her to their room. She likes to play a round. She enters to find the boys already have their fingers in Paige's pussy. Jumping on the bed, she joins in. Tony tongues Rebeccas's snatch as the girls get the guys' cocks out. With Paige being pumped in the pussy by Pascal, Rebecca wants some of the action and lowers herself onto Tony's dick. Rolling and tumbling around the bed, Paige finds herself riding Pascal's prick, his balls smacking against her bum as she bounces. The couples swap. Her legs held back, Rebecca is bonked missionary by Pascal. Tony takes Paige from behind. Reverting to their original partners, the fucking continues till the boys are ready to cum. Pascal squirts his load over Rebecca's tits and Tony jerks off on Paige.

Crystel-Lei and Sarah cruise the Torquay sea front in their open top car. Finding a secluded spot, the girls start to kiss before deciding that perhaps it's better they head back to their hotel room. Stripping out of their tight denim shorts, the two tumble onto the bed. Probing fingers find Sarah's pussy. She shuffles around to sit on Crystel-Lei's face. Tongues dance over swollen pussy lips. From the bedside cabinet, a double-ended dildo appears. Sarah works it hard between Crystel-Lei's legs, then impales herself on the free end. A purple plug is crammed into Crystel-Lei's arse and she's DP'd with plastic. Buckling up her strap-on, Sarah gets Crystel-Lei to ride her reverse, then deep throats the plastic phallus.

Trundling along the sea front on a Blackpool tram, Taylor and Charly are chatted up by Pete and Merlin. Reaching their stop, the four get off. Charly pairs up with Merlin and Taylor with Pete, as they make for their separate rooms. Pete pokes his fingers between Taylor's legs, whilst next door, Charly devours Merlin's man meat. Wrapping her digits around Pete's dick, Taylor tongues at the tip. She kneels on the bed to be fucked, doggy. Charly strips down to her black stockings and settles on Merlin's shaft. After a session of reverse riding, Taylor and Pete 69. Charly spreads her legs on the king-size bed waiting for Merlin to eat muff and be fucked, missionary. Taylor wants Pete in her arse and moans as his cock enters. Meanwhile, Charly is shagged spoons. Ready to cum, Pete covers Taylor's tits with his cream. Merlin fires over Charly's bum.

Sharing a bed in a Bournemouth hotel, Frankie and Suzie wake to find the sun is out. The two pull on their togs and go down to the beach. The pair set their eye on Jay who is splashing about in the sea. They ask him back to the hotel for something a little special. His trousers start to bulge as the girls do a slow strip, then suck at each other's pussies. Suzie makes a lunge for Jay's erect member. Frankie follows, licking at his shaft. With his face full of Frankie's fanny, Suzie spears her pussy with Jay's prick. The girls swap about. Now it's Frankie's turn to ride. Getting the pair to bend over the bed, Jay jabs his dick home as he moves from girl to girl. Dripping wet, the duo turn to be fucked missionary. Jay showers Frankie and Suzie with his spunk.

Ice cream in hand, Kimber and Ian wander along the Hastings sea front back to their hotel. Unable to contain their passion any longer, Kimber gives Ian a blow job on the way up the stairs. Once in the room, Kimber drops on to all fours. Ian laps at her arse. He slips two fingers into her pussy and starts to play. Rolling over, two more fingers are added making Kimber wriggle. Lying with her head over the end of the bed, Ian fucks Kimber's throat. She is ready to ride his spit covered dick and grinds against his balls. Kneeling with a leg on each of the two single beds, Kimber is filled from behind. She flops on to her back to be shagged, missionary. Ready to cum, Ian squirts his sperm over Kimber's body.

I pity the girls as most of the filming appears to have been done out of season. In their skimpy clobber they look absolutely freezing in the outdoor shots. Once indoors things warm up and, as you'd expect from a Morse and Bennett film, things are soon sizzling. Holiday Whores may not promote Britain's seaside destinations to their best, but it does show that the girls and guys can entertain themselves when the weather is bracing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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