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Released: 2009
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
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Running time: 95 mins.

When it comes to adult movies, Kendo's work for Daring has the edge over almost all others in terms of eroticism and style. Featuring some of the best talent Britain has produced over the past couple of years, Heels & Whores is another sexually charged film which falls into this category of excellence.

Clad in mesh body stockings and shiny high heels, Cate and Keisha sit facing each other. Legs spread, the girls rub at their pussies. Their black and red shoes meet and brush against each other's calves. Cate stoops between Keisha's legs and laps at her pussy through a nylon stocking mask. Dribbling onto her pussy, Cate eases two fingers into Keisha's damp hole. The picture blurs and reappears with Cate on all fours and Keisha's tongue exploring her pussy and arse. Moistening a mauve vibrator, Keisha slowly screws it into Cate. Her body stiffens as the ridged toy buzzes deep inside. With Cate's help, Keisha uses a second vibrator on herself. Sharing and swapping, the two bring each other to a climax.

Wearing sling back stilettos and a short black dress, Kerry Louise drapes herself over Jon who's lounging on the sofa. Running her tongue over his bare chest, Kerry moves her way down to his pants. Unbuckling his belt, she pulls out his cock and starts to lick. Flicking back her long dark hair, she swallows his length. Kerry's boobs break free from her dress and rest on Jon's thighs as she sucks. He lies her back and tongues her studded clit. With Kerry on her side, Jon slips his shaft in, spoons. Rolling onto her back, Kerry wraps her legs round his back as she's fucked. Kerry digs her nails into the sofa as Jon pounds away. Lowering herself onto his cock, Kerry rides reverse. She drops to her hands and knees to be taken. Finally, Kerry kneels in front of Jon as he jerks his jizz onto her tits.

Sitting on a leather sofa, Mark and Pascal caress the stockings and shoes of Carrie and Kelly Marina. Slowly, the boys peel down the girls panties and bury their faces in pussy. Unzipping the guys' trousers, the girls start to suck. Kelly's hooped earrings sway as she sucks. Moving in to eat muff, Pascal fills his face with Carrie. Stripped down to her stockings and bra, Kelly sits on Mark's face. Kelly lowers herself onto Mark's cock. Holding her heels, Carrie bends over the arm of the sofa and is filled from behind. Climbing onto Pascal's prick, Carrie rides reverse. Kelly lies back to be fucked missionary. Swapping partners, the girls taste each other on the guys' cocks. Carrie moves back to Pascal to be taken up the arse while, beside her, Kelly is done from behind. Tugging the boys off over their tits, the girls kiss.

An auburn-haired Sasha caresses her boobs as she sits wearing a lilac and black lace corset. PK runs his gloved hands over her stocking clad legs and licks her. Moving closer to PK's cock, Sasha opens her mouth to wrap her lips around his length. Her boobs work free as her head bobs on his dick. Perched on a writing bureau, Sasha spreads her legs. PK's tongue darts and his fingers probe her shaven snatch. Sasha pulls at her pussy lips as PK takes his place on a floral carpet. She keels beside him to be entered doggy. Turning onto their sides, the two continue spoons. She braces a leg on the floor to counter PK's thrusts. Hooking her shiny black heels over PK's thighs, Sasha drops onto his erect cock and gyrates. PK shoots his spunk over Sasha's face. She returns to her chair and sits.

Lying on a chequer board floor in a candle lit room, Jools wriggles and writhes as she plunges a plastic prick deep into her pussy. Clark and Keni watch as her white blouse falls to the floor and she teases herself with her fingers. Keni wanders over to Jools. Undoing his pants, she fills her mouth with his cheb. Keni returns to the sofa and Jools turns her attention to Clark. Holding his cock, she swallows the head. As she tugs at his length, Keni fucks her, doggy style. Mounting Clark's length, Jools rides cowgirl. Kneeling on the floor, both boys bang her from behind. Her moans are muffled by the false phallus. Slipping off a shoe, Jools sucks the spiked stiletto as Clark hammers home. He shoots his load onto her shoe and Jools licks his cream from the heel. Keni's cum hits Jool's cheek as she sucks. She casts her shoe aside.

Heels & Whores is another excellent film which follows director Kendo's philosophy of making every minute memorable. The sets, lighting, camerawork and editing in each scene are spot on. Add seven sizzling girls in their stockings and heels and the erotic atmosphere becomes electric. Heels & Whores shows how good adult films can be.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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