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Released: 2008
Director: Vincenzo Piano
Notes: Pink Lotus / Pure Play, widescreen
  • Leah Jaye scene repackaged from Girls Who Do Girls
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 137 mins.

In a shabby suit and donning a curly wig and false moustache, Tommy Pistol transforms himself into Koksuckistan's Horat, on a sexchange visit to the States. Over five scenes we follow his politically incorrect journey from New York to the West Coast. On the way he pimps his sister Goa Paloma, films the proceedings and pockets the profit. Then he gets accosted by a college sorority of nymphomaniacs (Kaden Faye and Faith Leon) out in their mobile home. Finally, he indulges in a spot of swinging with Nautica Thorn and her husband.

In the middle of this mayhem is a scene with Leah Jaye and Havana Ginger, set in a tattoo parlour, which seems strangely out of place. Neither Horat nor any of his weird entourage appear. This scene is also used in Vincenzo Piano's film Girls who do Girls (full details are given there).

For a spoof film to work it either has to be a very good imitation, or an extreme mickey take of the original. Horat is neither. It's obvious some effort was put in by the cast and production crew, but not quite enough to pull off the parody.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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