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Released: 2011
Director: Max Cool
Notes: Bluebird Films
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Running time: 121 mins.

Honeymoon is loosely plotted around seven scenes depicting the on/off relationship between Natalie Heck (as Savannah Gold) and fiancé Steve Hooper, which ends with a twist.

In a very (very) red night club set, Steve sits at the bar watching pole dancers Antonia (as Stacey) and Elizabeth. As the girls spin and gyrate, blonde barmaid Natalie enters and drops her tray with shock as she recognises her ex-boyfriend, Steve. The pair immediately decide to make up, accompanied by Antonia and Elizabeth fingering and licking each other in the background. Steve lifts Natalie's skirt and starts to lap her. Lifting her onto the bar, Steve lies beside Natalie and enters her, spoons. Next, they sit up and shag cowgirl. The girl-on-girl action continues feet away from them on the stage. Ready to cum, Steve jerks his cream over Natalie's face.

Wanting to know for sure that Steve is the right man for her, a black stockinged Natalie visits fortune teller Jodie James. Unable to cross her palm with silver, Natalie has something else to offer the fortune teller and places her hand against her panties. The two kiss and Jodie's magical purple dong appears. Sucking at Natalie's boobs, she rubs it against her pussy. Lounging back in her gilded chair, Jodie takes out her tits. Natalie gently caresses them as she guides the toy between her legs.

Keen to make some extra money for her wedding dress, Natalie takes a job in a car wash. In her pink mesh top and denim shorts, she sets to work with her soap. Inside the car, Francesca occupies herself with Sonny's cock. Covered in suds, Natalie gives the car some special treatment, pressing her wet boobs against the windscreen. The car door opens and she pops inside to help Francesca suck dick. Climbing into the back seat, Natalie eases Sonny's prick past her pink panties and into her pussy. Francesca tongues at the two as they bounce up and down. Then it's her turn with Sonny's shaft. Bent over the sill, she's taken from behind. Natalie moves to the back of the car and is fucked on all fours. Both girls ride Sonny as he lies half in and half out of the car. He cums over the girls' faces.

Back at the club, Natalie and Steve have their hen and stag do's. Diana Gold has been booked for the boys, whilst in the room next door, Kit and Kat Lee join Natalie to watch male stripper, Ben. Yanking down his posing pouch, the girls cover Ben in Champagne, taking it in turns to taste it from his cheb. With the twins' panties pulled aside, Natalie laps at their pussies. The pair return the favour. Kit and Kat then climb onto Ben's shaft and ride. For Natalie's special hen night treat she lowers herself onto Ben's length. The three hammer away at Ben's cock while, next door, Diana is being banged by the boys. Her face covered in cum, Natalie heads for the toilet where she passes a spunk-caked Diana. She bursts in to see what Steve and his mates have been up to.

In her wedding dress, Natalie stands on the roof of her baronial hall. A masked highwayman, Pascal, fights for her honour. With the fight over, Pascal slices the straps on Natalie's dress to reveal her boobs. She sinks to the floor to let him lick up her legs. Turned on to her hands and knees, Pascal laps at Natalie's pussy and arse. She spins round to swallow his prick. He thrusts deep into her love cleft, doggy-style, and then pulls her back to ride reverse. With Natalie's boobs hanging over his head, Pascal hammers up into her pussy. Standing on one leg under the greying sky, Pascal pulls Natalie onto his prick. Kneeling, she catches his cum in her mouth.

In front of purple and black dressed maids of honour, Diana Gold and Laura Lion, vicar Tony marries Natalie and Steve. The splashing of holy water affects the girls and they rip at his clothing wanting his cock. Leaving Tony to fend for himself from the girls' onslaught, the newly weds decide to consummate their marriage. Natalie forces Steve's face into her fanny before sampling his shaft in her mouth. With Tony banging away at the bridesmaids, Natalie lies across a table to be fucked missionary. Her dress off, she turns to be filled from behind. Natalie eases Steve's staff into her arse. She paws at her pussy as she rides. Vicar Tony and the girls join the newly weds as Natalie gets a mouth full of cream. Tony empties his load over the bridesmaids.

In their 'going away' gear, Natalie and Steve climb into the back of a limo and set off for their honeymoon. After a few miles it's apparent things aren't as they should be. The car pulls up in a country lane. Driver Pascal and his assistant Rebecca have kidnapped the pair. Perhaps the only thing which will get them their freedom is sex. Blue dress down and panties pulled aside, Natalie invites Pascal to lick her pussy. On the other side of the car, Steve feeds his cheb into Rebecca's mouth. Swallowing hard, Natalie slaps her face with Pascal's wet prick. Rebecca wraps her fingers round Steve's girth and wanks. Spreading a rug, Natalie drops to be entered from behind. Rebecca leans over the back of the car to be taken by Steve. Boobs out of her pinstriped suit, Rebecca turns. A cock is thrust between her legs. Natalie lies on her side to be shagged. The boys jerk their jizz into the girls' mouths and they give each other a spunky kiss. Pulling out a gun, Steve is shot...

Watching this film you get the impression that Bluebird had a number of actresses, costumes and sets around waiting to be used and that linking them together around a story featuring Natalie Heck happened to fit the bill. Unfortunately, the plot is complete and utter nonsense and so the film doesn't really tie together. Which is a pity, as individually the scenes in Honeymoon are quite decent, if a little brief. So, my recommendation is to ignore the storyline and just enjoy Natalie in action.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (June 2011):

Male talent: Steve Hooper, Neil, (Tony) James, Keni Styles, Pascal.

Natalie Heck is given top billing as Savannah Gold in this tale of fucking, double crossing, and fucking.

Steve Hooper is casing a seedy club while assessing the pole dancing talents of Stacey Saran and Elizabeth Lawrence. Neither girl meets Steve's requirements, but the visit isn't wasted as the club's pvc 'n' fishnets waitress is his long-lost girlfriend Natalie Heck. Steve doesn't want to lose Natalie again, so he immediately proposes marriage. Nat accepts and allows Steve to fuck her on the bar, while Stacey and Elizabeth work out their frustration on each other.

Ahead of the wedding, Natalie visits Gypsy Jodie James, and after crossing Jodie's palm with silver she crosses her pussy with a dildo. While both buxom girls get their tits out, Jodie hardly has time to pull her panties aside before the scene suddenly ends.

Wearing just a pink fishnet top and denim skirt, Natalie is earning a bit more for the wedding by cleaning cars. While Natalie sponges the people-carrier, clients Neil (Sonny) and Francesca are getting frisky inside. Unfortunately, Natalie can't resist cock and a threesome ensues in the back of the car.

On the night the hen and stag parties take place the plans are much the same. Kit and Kat Lee fix a stripper for Natalie while Steve, plus friends Keni and James, have Diana Gold. The three-on-one action cuts between the stocking clad girls getting serviced on a sofa while Diana obliges the guys back on the pole dancing stage. Eventually Natalie, Kit and Kat get their faces covered in cum. When Nat searches for the ladies to get cleaned up, she discovers Steve and the boys going soft after doing the same to Diana. Natalie berates Steve, but the facial fluid gives her own behaviour away. Regardless, Steve is still very keen to marry her, so he forgives Natalie and the wedding is still on.

Walking in a Jacobean hall, Natalie, in her bridal gown, spouts bad poetry while calling for her highwayman. Fortunately, he's on the flat roof outside engaged in swordplay with a redcoat. Having slipped his sword into the soldier, the masked man drops to his knees and slips his other sword into Natalie who has hoisted her dress, revealing her bridal white stockings and pants. One al-fresco fuck 'n' facial later, Natalie joins Steve, bridesmaids Laura Lion and Diana, and lastly, the Rev Tony James for the service. Tony is a bit too liberal with the holy water and it only takes a few drops to turn the bridesmaid vamps into nymphomaniacs who ravish Tony on the manor house floor. Faced with possible death, Steve and Natalie opt for one final fuck. The scene ends with all five fucking on the table with Natalie and Diana taking it up the arse.

Nightfall. Natalie and Steve leave in a stretch Lincoln to start their future together. However, chauffeur Rebecca Smyth and her partner Pascal White have other ideas. The newlyweds are hauled from the car at gunpoint. It appears that Steve is already married to Rebecca and is just using Natalie to further his criminal career. As neither Steve or Natalie have had sex for a couple of hours, Steve gives his old missus one over the boot of the limo, while Pascal and Natalie fuck on the grass verge. Stripped to her pale blue fishnets, Natalie gets her arse fucked again while Rebecca stays in uniform (fishnets and pinstripe micro-suit) for a final fuck from her two-timing husband. The girls swap cum then spit the remains over Steve as his double-crossing fate is sealed. "Honeymoon, bigamy and suicide all in one day! What an exciting life you lead", purrs Rebecca. "Suicide?" asks Steve as Rebecca puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. Natalie, now naked and widowed, joins her highwayman's gang and drives away.

Films with plots are a rarity these days, so it's good to see Bluebird continuing the tradition. With a large cast, many locations and some decent effects, this is not a cheap production, but the money is on the screen with plenty of action. There's a decent plot with acceptable acting - although, admittedly, some of the exposition does get drowned out by the guitar-based soundtrack - proper costumes, good locations, fizzing holy water and spurting blood. All of which serve to give the film texture. Some jumpy editing and random scenes, such as the car wash, do make the finished film a little uneven in places. Four Stars.

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