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Released: 1994 (re-released on DVD 2001)
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Notes: Plum
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 85 mins.

An American feature set in the waiting room to a brothel in Vietnam in 1967. Jon Dough and Sean Michaels reminisce with flashbacks while they wait.

Sarah-Jane Hamilton is in the last flashback, a girl who has just met Jon Dough before he goes of to Vietnam. Standard b/g scene including titty fuck to cumshot over tits and mouth.

Sarah-Jane looks very fine, but this is an example of all that is bad about American porn features in the video age. Zero eroticism.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

A few American films from the late 1980's and early 90's have made their way back onto the market as 'bargain classics'. In the Bush, starring Sarah-Jane Hamilton and Tina Tyler, is one such movie. Set during the Vietnam war, it follows Jon Dough and Sean Michaels as they are about to embark on a dangerous mission in the bush. For these boys, however, it's not scrub land and trees but between girls legs that they are heading. In a series of flashbacks the two remember how things were back home...

Jon looks at a ring his girlfriend gave him. He is transported back to her bedroom. In a green velvet coat, Sarah-Jane pushes Jon onto the bed. Undoing her buttons, she eases her boobs out of her green bra and holds them for Jon to suck and squeeze. Moving down the bed, Sarah-Jane unfastens Jon's pants and dribbles on his dick before taking it deep in her mouth. Leaning forward, she sandwiches his cock in her cleavage and rocks. Her boobs brush against his stomach. Rolling over, Jon works his tongue past Sarah-Jane's green lace knickers. His cock soon follows. Crab-style on the bed, Sarah-Jane gets fucked. She flops herself forward, ending on top of Jon. Ready to cum, he coats her tits in cream.

This is a film which is long on pathos but short on sex. Five brief sex scenes are interspersed with huge amounts of dialogue from Jon and Sean, droning on about the woes of war and their lives. Whilst it may not be the greatest film of 1994 it does give us a chance to see Sarah-Jane Hamilton in action and for just a few dollars (less than a fiver) it's worth the spend.

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