< The Inseminator 2: Domination Day

Released: 1990s
Notes and Reviews

Gee Man Productions

Starts with Kim Chambers and Barbara Doll in the scene used to introduce and link Mann's World Part 1, though the reason for this is obscure as it has nothing to do with the plot of the film, such as it is. As with the first Inseminator, it is about Lee Francis (the Inseminator) coming back from the future where porn is illegal to get people to perform for his hand-held camera. There is much intercutting, but the main scenes are:

  • Stacey Peach and Mandy King lesbian, strap ons included.
  • Don Fernando and Lorraine Ansell with Roxanne Hall joining in. Then the Inseminator joins in. Lorraine sucks him off to a facial. Roxanne takes a facial from Don Fernando.
  • Stacey Peach and Mandy King in continuation of their scene are joined by the Inseminator and then by Robyn. Much dildo and strap on work. Stacey Peach and Robyn suck off the Inseminator. Robyn fucks Mandy King with a strap on while the Inseminator fucks Stacey Peach. He cums over Mandy's arse, but only the result is shown. He puts his finger up her arse and then she has a dildo there. The Inseminator fucks Robyn while the other two girls watch and use dildos on themselves. Mandy King is groped by Lee Francis but never touches his cock.

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