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Released: 2003
Director: Paul & Jamie Arbiter
Notes: Hustler
Notes and Reviews

According to the introduction this is supposed to be a film about pantie perversion; well up to a point Lord Copper. Much of the sex occurs with the girls still wearing their pants, and both girls and boy sniff and suck the undergarments during sex, but a perversion? Hardly.

In the first scene, Demetri, wearing just a towel, finds Kat Varga reading on the bed. After some foreplay Kat, wearing just her sheer black pants, mounts Demetri in reverse cowgirl. Other positions follow including anal in spoons and doggie and the scene ends with a facial while Kat holds her pants to her mouth.

During the scene, Karen Wood and Lorena rush past, naked but for their panties, on their way to the bathroom and it's here we find them, in the shower, in the next scene. After rubbing each other through their pants, Lorena gives Karen a serious fingering, then vice-versa, while the water cascades off their bodies. This shower is a huge walk in job so there's plenty of room to spread out. Eventually both pairs of pants are removed and the scene ends with the girls kissing and chewing Karen's panties.

Nikieta and Kia have been out running and, as soon as they get back to the kitchen, they start caressing each other through their vests and shorts. This scene is made quite erotic by the apparent urgency of the girls and the way they pour cold bottled water over each other at the start of the scene. The girls spend most of their time licking and fingering each other's pussies, on the kitchen table. The scene ends with a little tongue to tongue action.

Miichelle Barrett is modelling knickers for Steve Hooper. Eventually satisfied with a pretty grey pair, Michelle is ready to suck Steve's cock and Steve licks Michelle's pussy through her knickers. Sex starts in spoons on the sofa, with Michelle's knickers pulled down to her thighs. Michelle's knickers seem to be round her ankles for sex in missionary, but back up for doggie and the scene ends with Steve shooting over Michelle's firm bum sheathed in her knickers.

Steve and Tony de Serghio find Donna Ibbotson, in white lacy bra and pants, masturbating in the garden. She needs little persuasion to take on both guys and the trio retire to a bedroom for sex. Steve goes first from behind, then Donna takes off her pants and wraps them round Tony's cock while she sucks it. With her bum in the air Tony pushes Donna's pants into her bum and massages her pussy, then he removes the pants and replaces them with his cock. Donna then gets a cowgirl dp before the guys let fly over her face while she clamps her pants between her teeth.

Finally April catches Tony sniffing her panties. Dressed in black pvc fetish-wear and thigh boots, she's ready for action which takes place on the open-plan staircase, which permits some athletic poses and high visibility. April keeps her pvc bits on and the scene ends with Tony spraying over her pvc g-string.

This film is shot at the same house location as Wild on Sex 2, with its distinctive open plan layout. This film is nicely styled and clearly shot in fashionable widescreen format. The extras contains a lengthy behind the scenes section which reveals that most of the cast were present together for the shoot, which must have included scenes for Panties 1 or 3. Tony is watched by Steve as he fucks Lorena for example. A very good film from the Arbiter brothers, keep up the good work.

Review by Bayleaf

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