< Irregular Practice 2 R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish XXX
Alternate Titles
  • Irregular Practice 2: Open Leg Surgery
  • Die Muschi-Notaufnahme DVD available
Notes and Reviews

This time the action is at Our Lady of the Night General Hospital. There is a stronger streak of humour running through the film reflecting greater confidence of writer and director in getting a good balance between laughs and sex.

Dr Vas Lean is explaining to Mr Connor (Mason) the mechanics of his wife's forthcoming boob job, using a teabag and doughnut. As the jam squirts from the doughnut Dr Lean has to leave, so he asks pretty assistant Yvonne (McKenzie Lee) to give a practical demonstration. She gets her tits out for Mason (presumably her real-life partner) and this leads to sex. There is a long oral build up which is spoilt by the sudden cut to McKenzie bent over the desk getting fucked from behind. Cowgirl on the floor is followed by deep missionary on the bench seat before a modest facial is entirely swallowed by McKenzie. Dr Lean returns for more doughnuts, completely ignoring their nakedness.

Budget cuts mean that Demetri's counselling sessions incorporate a wide variety of problems. Gambler Paul Mycock sits alongside Michelle Barrett, a sex addict. In an unconventional approach Demetri bets Paul that Michelle will take his cock in her mouth. Demetri wins as Michelle sucks Paul's cock and within minutes she has both guys' organs in her mouth. Michelle loses her top, bra and pants and takes on both guys wearing just a denim miniskirt. Michelle starts by sitting on Demetri's cock, then it's a guy at both ends before Demetri's cock slips up her bum. Anal on the floor followed by cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DPs. More anal, then a double facial, much of which goes down Michelle's throat. Tall, blonde, long shapely legs, fantastic tits with a willingness and enthusiasm for the task in hand, Michelle is one of our top performers.

Paramedic Pete has broken-hearted Taylor in the back of his ambulance. Pete removes her bra and pants along with his own trousers and administers emergency cock therapy as the ambulance speeds through the streets. Anal in reverse cowgirl, doggy, A2M and a generous facial. Now that Taylor will only fuck Pete, this pairing seems a little tired, the more so for those who have seen Pete in a similar role in the tv series Pornomedics.

Dr Lean has asked three nurses, Tamara, Sasha and Evie, to brush up their resuscitation technique using a dummy. The dummy turns out to have a large strap on penis which the girls use on each other, but first Tamara offers to play the patient. She is undressed down to her pants, then the others take it in turns all ending up naked apart from socks or stockings. Sasha straps on the dildo and both Tamara and Evie ride it, reverse cowgirl, with some enthusiasm. Sasha and Tamara share a double-ender while Tamara lick's Evie's pussy, then the scene tends to fizzle out as Dr Lean returns for the dummy, once again ignoring his nurses' nudity.

Mr Burns (Mark Sloan) is being attended to in bed by Nurses Tammie and Lucy. Behind the screens they start to undress themselves. As Mark can do nothing for himself because his hands are bandaged, they have to do everything for him. They roll a condom onto his cock as Tammie sinks her pussy down on it. Lucy strokes Tammie's tits and undresses, eventually replacing Tammie again in reverse cowgirl as Tammie sits on Mark's face. Good interaction between the girls ends with Mark shooting over Tammie's tits, having managed to free his right hand. Meanwhile the patient in the next bed, overhearing all the action, appears to have wanked himself to death.

It's testament to the quality of the talent and the action in this production that it relegates a Pete 'n Taylor scene to fourth place, but so it is. Inventive stuff with top action from Michelle, Lucy and Tammie. Good script with the introduction of a few non-sex speaking parts which, while they won't win any oscars, do nudge the story along.

Review by Bayleaf

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