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Released: 2004
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: www.dolltheatre.com
Alternate Titles
  • Space Girls
  • Space Girls 1 - Invasion of the Space Girls
Notes and Reviews

Hats off to the Doll Theatre for this production (and, of course, part two). The script is corny and derivative but often intentionally so and it has some real funny moments. A real porn feature with budget sets that do the job, visually good with a first class soundtrack. And of course some excellent girls getting dirty.

Every effort has been made to give this video a professional look, right from the opening titles. The film is set in 2104 when galactic pop group the Space Girls is number one in every known planet except one. The band has been touring continuously for 6 years and are now in their space craft en-route to cracking the Earth with their new release 'I Love Uranus'.

In the opening scene, Belle (Brainy Space) and Nikita (Zany Space) are in the shower together putting the shower head to good use. Over breakfast the girls discuss their boss, Hugh Janus, who wants them to keep touring, but they're holding out for one last gig on Earth.

Faye Dixie plays Lolli Pop and she is well named as she uses lollies on Vicky (Norty Space) in her bedroom, Vicky then fucks Faye with a large strap-on.

On Earth there is lots of dirty talk between the girls in the back of a car before Freya, in black dress and stockings, has a short solo scene before Kat Varga arrives posing as a journalist and this leads to gg action with a large double-ended dildo.

The girls launch their disc at a press conference at which Vicky strips (this doesn't take long as she's hardly wearing anything to start with), then she quips that the band is 'bigger than God' which leads to a roasting in the press - cue newspaper headlines. Belle and Nikita come to her hotel room to commiserate and this leads to a three-way with dildos.

Freya suggests sending Vicky back in time to do the launch again, using a time machine powered by the Orgasmatron ...

Once Freya is wiired to the device she wanks furiously, but she alone is not enough so Belle joins her with a dildo and bingo, Vicky goes back. "Fuck me it's worked" exclaims Belle.

Unfortunately Vicky's way into the conference is barred by Kat, playing an armed guard, but five minutes in the gents with Vicky and a dildo changes her mind. Vicky rewrites history and she and Belle celebrate in the usual way by having sex together.

This production is first class. Camera, lighting and sound are as good as I've seen in Britporn. The sets and effects are not Hollywood standard, but I've seen worse on the telly. The plot is corny but well-scripted and the performances generally good, especially Vicky Holloway, who gets the lion's share of the dialogue. If you like your women foul-mouthed you'll love Norty Spice aka Halle Gerriwell. The production is not afraid to poke fun either. After one scene all the girls suddenly change outfits; "How come?" asks Vicky about the loss of continuity. "Just a bad edit!" says the sound-man.

Finally a word about the soundtrack which is excellent, and the Space Girls track, sung by the girls themselves, is great fun.

Review by Bayleaf

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