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Released: 2004
Director: J & P Arbiter
Notes: Rude Britannia / Inexcess
Notes and Reviews

Straightforward mix of cod interviews followed by (mainly) one on one fucking with a mixture of British and European female talent.

Taylor is first up and looks her usual stunning self in short skirt, lacy crop-top and white socks. Pete is introduced and the couple give a polished performance of athletic sex which includes deep anal. Unfortunately for this production, while clearly shot, we have seen this many times before. And why-oh-why does the director mumble off camera as this well-known couple undress "... so you answered an advert in the paper to be here ... ".

In the fourth scene, Rachel is on the blue sofa having answered a newspaper ad too for girl/girl sex. She starts to get undressed as Teoni enters and the pair start kissing and licking. Eventually Teoni uses a pink dildo on Rachel who ((briefly) returns the favour. Nice scene but no surprises.

In the sixth and final scene the delightful Karina Clarke needs a good shagging because her boyfriend is useless (yawn). She strips for the camera but is dressed again for the start of a sex scene with Ian Tate. Sex on a leather chesterfield in all positions with a hugely enthusiastic Karina who smiles and gasps her way through to a very brief facial.

In the other scenes, Ian Tate fucks Stacy, Karl Kincaid and Ian fuck Suzane and Katie fucks local stud Peter in a selection of eastern European hotel rooms.

Technically good, but generally disappointing effort from the Arbiter brothers who have produced some innovative and erotic stuff. Here they fall back on the usual interview-and-screw format with some well known bodies and a few fresh European girls to pad it out. For real fans only.

Review by Bayleaf

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