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Released: 2005
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx - I Only Love...Spunk
Notes and Reviews

Ionie has cut a deal with Private to finance her productions and this is the first. Billed as a new venture in porn, it's hard to see what is actually new.

Women directors (Anna Span, Melanie), studio shot porn, professional girls, formulaic action and street pickups are nothing new. Ionie gets out on the streets to recruit guys to come back to her studio to shag established porn actresses. Many of the interviewees have their faces pixellated out so it's hard to tell whether any of these are persuaded to drop their trousers.

The first scene starts with Jessica Love and Evie with Ionie. Ionie films in her underwear & fishnets and is wearing a large black strapon dildo which she gets the girls to suck. Then after a little girl-girl and vibrators the pair move to the bed and are joined by 5 guys. The girls suck all the cocks hard then the guys get to fuck one or other of them in different positions in what is a bit of a scrum. Cumshots over tits and bums.

Back on the streets Ionie is recruiting again, so it's fortunate that Stephan Hard is passing in his car!

Scene two in the studio features Lorna Lace, once again on the sofa with Ionie's camera in her face (there is always a second camera). Lorna looks very sweet in her matching blue camisole and pants. Lorna is invited to suck Ionie's rubber cock again (what is the point of this???) before she moves to the bed where her masked other half and Jay Scarman are waiting to fuck her. Some quite hard action here which moves to anal and then cowgirl DP both ways. Scene ends with Ionie pushing a dildo up Lorna's pussy while the guys cum over her tits.

More street scenes are followed by Isobel Ice confessing that she likes sex anywhere. It's scene three and we're already into a repetitive cycle with the strap on suck, vibrator and sex on the bed with Stephan Hard and a masked amateur. The sex is fast and furious with reverse cowgirl anal and a double facial.

In the final scene Chantelle Stevens and Starr are on the couch in their underwear for the usual pre-fuck workout. Ionie delivers another 5 naked cocks that the girls descend upon. When each girl has sucked all the guys they get on the bed for sex in doggy and spoons. Plenty of interaction between Chantelle and Starr, although only three cocks are used for fucking as far as I could see. Once again Ionie films up close with Snapper Crane (taking a day off from Marino's Roadtrips) on second camera. Bukkake finish.

Nicely filmed and edited but not much new. All established girls in good action and I've not seen Jessica and Evie working together before, showing just how alike they are. Just over 90 minutes long which, with all the chat, leaves not a lot of time for the sex. An average production, unless you are fan of a particular girl.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

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