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Released: 2005
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 2: I Only Love... It Up The Arse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

Ionie is out and about in the streets of London looking for guys to fuck the arses of six lovely girls she has back at her studio. Surprisingly there appear to be no takers. The "anonymous" men who turn up are Pete le Meat and Jay Scarman in masks (why bother trying to hide their faces). Between each scene Ionie tries to rope in more men.

Carmen, in a red bikini, is plundering her bum with a blue vibe when Leon arrives. She gazes up at him with her big brown eyes as her tongue runs around the head of his cock which slips deep into her mouth. Leon moves down her body and sucks on her lips till they are puffy and swollen before he pushes his dick in her wet pussy and humps doggy style. The pair turn to face each other, panting and groaning as they shag. With Leon lying on his back Carmen slides his cock up her arse, arching her back with her pussy lips flapping as she moves up and down. Lorna Lace, who has been doing make-up, joins in, licking at Leon's balls then showing she's no slouch when it comes to swallowing dick. Lorna watches and wanks as Leon re-enters Carmen's pussy, pulling out in time to cover her face. She smears his spunk over her chin and cheeks.

The next girl is Taylor. After giving a dildo a blow job she bends over to push the wet toy deep into her back passage. Pete le Meat turns up as the reluctant guy who doesn't want his face to be seen. Taylor takes his dick deep down her throat as he uses three fingers on her pussy. Rubbing her clit hard, Taylor moans as Pete pounds on her pussy. Rolling onto her side she pulls her bum cheeks apart for him to enter her arse. The couple move through various positions with Pete pumping Taylor's bum, and at one stage Ionie joins in to caress her tits. The scene ends with Pete popping his load into Taylor's gaping hole.

Ionie interviews Kat about her sex life. She tells how she loves it up her bum, removing her fuchsia knickers to show her arse by DP'ing herself with plastic. Eager to meet the two guys she wraps her lips around their cocks as soon as they walk in. With one licking her clit, Kat bends her head back to have her tonsils fucked, the guy's balls banging her nose as she swallows. Getting one of the men to lie down, Kat eases his cock up her arse reverse cowgirl and the second guy fills her pussy for a brief bit of DP. Kat wants to taste her arse but it's too much for the fellow and he showers her tits in cum. Kat still wants her bum fucked and guy two obliges. Ready for action again, Kat takes the spare cock in her pussy, but it doesn't last long as the guy cums again, this time over her face while the second covers her back.

Alicia and Donna round off the film, each showing how far their pussies and arses will gape, before coming together on the bed (it's a draw in the stretching stakes at four fingers each). Donna uses a large gnarled dildo on Alicia's pussy as she sits on her face to have her cunt tongued. Alicia dons a studded strap-on to attack Donna's pussy. The two then swap toys, Alicia having her arse filled with plastic while Donna finger fucks her fanny at the same time. With most of the scene gone, Jay Scarman appears (masked!!) to give the girls a seeing to and the girls immediately attack his cock, taking mouthfuls which make their eyes water. Donna is done doggy. She then puts the strap-on back on to give Jay a hand DP'ing Alicia. With Donna holding Alicia's arse open Jay drains his balls into her bum. Donna licks off the cream and gives Alicia a spunky kiss.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the film, not with the girls but with the production. Private films are normally a few quid more but this is more than made up for in the high standard they have in lighting and filming the action. I Only Like It ... didn't quite reach that standard - "iffy" angles and too many shots of Ionie doing close up work with the camera (do cameras focus down to 3 inches?) spoilt things. Good, but may be not worth the premium Private price.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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