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Released: 2005
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 3: I Only Love To Fantasize
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 103 mins.

For her latest venture in the I Only Love ... series Ionie has found four girls to talk about and then fulfil their fantasies. As with her previous work director Ionie is much in evidence in the film.

Dressed in a green basque, Avalon relates her fantasy, which is to have her bum burgled by a bank robber. Rubbing herself with a blue vibrator, Avalon slips it deep into her arse. Surprisingly bank robbers are hard to find; so Avalon will have to make do with Demetri with a stocking over his head - not very practical when it comes to licking pussy. Stripped, Avalon runs her tongue over his cock, then takes it almost to the balls in her mouth. She bends over in front of Demetri and he slips his saliva-covered shaft into Avalon's moist minge. She gently rocks back on his cock. Rolling over, Demetri slides his fingers into the squelching hole. Ionie grabs his cock and wanks. Ripping off his mask he licks and laps at the juices. Avalon is put face down on the bed, her bum high in the air ready to take cock. She fingers herself as it is eased into her tight arse hole. Avalon wants to ride the dick up her arse and gets Demetri to lie on the bed while she bounces up and down. Pulling out, he fires his load over Avalon's tits and she massages in the cream.

Smartly-dressed business woman Elizabeth Lawrence has always wanted to be summoned into the boss's office and fucked over his desk. Undoing her blouse, she uses a black vibrator on her nipples before pushing it past her panties into her pussy. Suited Stefan Hard appears and Elizabeth tugs at his trousers to get to his cock, then gags as it slips past her tonsils. She bends over the desk and her white lace knickers are pulled down. Stefan runs the head of his cock over her pussy then rams it in deep. The pair strip. Stefan sits on a black leather chair, Elizabeth sits on top of him, his dick in her wet snatch. Climbing back onto the desk, Elisabeth bangs her head on the computer as her bum is bonked. A guy stands behind her wanking as she is bent face down. The table shakes as Stefan thrusts hard and deep into her arse. The guy in the background walks forward to fire his load over Elizabeth's tits. Stefan's spunk is destined for her mouth.

Ariana (Vaieda) has always wanted a thorough examination by a doctor. She strips out of her bright yellow top and shorts, stuffing a pink toy in her pussy while Ionie makes the arrangements. When the doctor arrives Ariana is more interested in examining his cock than getting her pussy checked. Even with her hard work it remains flaccid... still he knows how to probe pussy with his tongue and fingers. Ariana has a second go in getting the doctor erect, this time with more luck, but his pager goes so he's off. Ariana has to toy herself until someone else can arrive. Leon turns up in a white coat and mask and what's more his dick is ready for action... it tastes good too. Bending over, Ariana is entered doggy. The couple roll onto the bed where the shagging continues spoons. Leon is ready to cum and Ariana takes it on her tongue... fantasy fulfilled.

The final girl is Suzie Best who lies on the bed in her white lace basque and fishnet stockings. She tells of how guys on building sites always whistle at her, then, picking up her rabbit, shows what she will do to them. Ionie returns with Italian builder Marco, he will do Suzie nicely. She kneels, taking his dick into her mouth. Her cheeks bulge as she pushes it in. The two climb onto the bed for a little 69 work, Suzie rubbing her wet fanny over Marco's face as she sucks. Turning round, she teases his cock with her pussy lips then slams it deep into her love box. The pair start to grind away but it's too much for Marco and he cums over her pussy. Not quite what Suzie expected; so, cleaned up, she has a second go. Back on the dick she bobs up and down then turns on all fours to be taken doggy. Marco makes up for earlier as Suzie's body shakes with pleasure.

As well as the girls there are plenty of shots of Ms Coxxx in her stockings and lingerie, camera in hand, sometimes getting in the way of the action. As for the film itself, it's a little repetitive and no expense has been made on the set. All four scenes appear to have been shot in the same place (please don't tell me there's more than one bedroom in Britain with wallpaper like that). Not bad, but not brilliant.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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