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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 4 - I Only Love Filthy Sluts
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

This is the 4th film in Ionie Luvcoxxx series where she goes out and about on the streets, mostly in London, looking for guys to shag her porn star friends. This time she has five Filthy Sluts waiting to be fucked, but getting guys is harder than you think. As with her other work, director Ionie is very much in evidence during the scenes

After stopping numerous men, Ionie eventually finds someone to take back for Didi (who Ionie calls Doris!!). As he is getting ready she strips out of her white bra and starts to fondle herself, her hand slips into her knickers and there is an awful click and screech on the sound track as a mobile phone rings. The guy emerges and Didi takes his cock straight into her mouth and sucks. The guy fingers her fanny. A damp patch appears on the purple bedspread and he goes down to investigate. The couple 69, Didi's dangling boobs brushing the guy's stomach as her pussy is penetrated by tongue. She wraps her lips around his cock. Didi is gently opened with a toy. The guy moves to shagging her doggy at first, then reverse cowgirl. Ionie climbs on the bed to get a better view. She rolls over and the scene disappointingly ends in a fake cum shot, Ionie squirting cream over Didi as the guy's tool lies limp.

Lucy is next on the bed. She peels down her black top and pushes a blue toy between her legs as she talks about being taken by a black guy. Ionie has found just what she wants. Her tongue dances over the guy's rod making it rise for the occasion. Ready for action, he gets a good blow job. Lucy lies back to let the guy jab at her love box with his tongue and fingers. Moaning, she is turned over and he enters from behind. Crouching over the guy, Lucy slowly lowers herself onto his staff and bounces. The bedsprings get another hammering as Lucy is taken doggy, Ionie jumping over the bed to film the action. When the guy cums Lucy squeezes every last drop into her mouth and smiles.

In her black lingerie and stockings, Charlie's boobs jiggle as she toys herself with a bright red toy. Knickers off, she slowly stretches her pussy with the vibe, ready to take on three guys. Leon is the first to arrive. Charlie's tongue dances round the head of his dick and he is joined by the guy from the second scene. Both cocks end in Charlie's mouth. Opening her legs, Charlie is fucked as guy 3 joins in the fun. The boys rotate between mouth and cunt, Charlie getting a good pounding. A little lube is added to her arse and a cock slipped in. After a couple of 'fast forward' sections as the boys change (no your DVD player is not broken), one of the three cums on her face.

Big boobed DJ is lying in the bath playing with herself. Moving to the side of the bath she is jamming a dildo into her soapy cunt when Jay enters. The pair end grinding away in the bubbles. DJ rubs Jay's fanny flavoured cock over her face and starts to suck. The pair balance on the edge of the bath as she is fucked. As she bends over the basin, Jay eases his dick in from behind. DJ spins round, sitting in the sink to be shagged. The couple end on the floor, DJ ridding Jay's cock till he is ready to cum. He pops his load over her tits.

The scene suddenly cuts to Cannes where Ionie is looking for talent to fuck Laura. Unfortunately she finds none; so back at the villa Laura has to make do with her plastic prick, sticking it in her pussy before ramming it into her arse. Luckily Leon turns up to offer his man meat and Laura can't refuse. She laps at his shaft, getting it wet and ready, then slips it into her pussy, hammering her bum on his thighs. She turns roung to ride cowgirl, but Laura's arse feels empty. She shoves in the dildo as she fucks, her juices trickling over Leon's balls. A little doggy action and Leon cums on Laura's pussy. She massages in the jizz and licks her fingers. Leon isn't getting away that easily. He is dragged onto the windy balcony where Laura bends and demands to be humped again. The cold gets to the pair and they finish inside, Laura shaking with pleasure on the sofa and Leon producing a second load for her face.

For a premium-priced Private production I found the film poor. Yes Ionie likes to appear in her productions, but in this one so do most of the rest of the crew. There are lots of annoying niggles throughout, phones interfering with the sound track, shots of cameras and lights and the speeding up of action during a scene ... Oh yes and there is that fake cum shot ... Not what you would expect. A poor film. Give it a wide berth.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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