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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 6 - I Only Love Bouncing Boobies
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx: Bouncing Boobies
Notes and Reviews

Ionie has a big deal with Private for loads of these gonzo productions so she's gonna work her way through most of the UK's current talent, reminding one of a deal to record all of Joseph Haydn's 108 symphonies. This time Ionie is in a car park in Ipswich trying to find new studs, but without success, so she cuts back to this production's house where Natalie Heck is on a bed in her undies. Ionie films her removing bra and pants and, without warning, Natalie is suddenly sucking a naked Demetri's cock (I didn't know he's a Suffolk guy). Demetri fucks Natalie in cowgirl(s), doggy, missionary and spoons while Ionie lolls at the foot of the brass-style bed camera in hand. Scene ends with Demetri covering Natalie's bouncing boobs with spunk.

Ionie introduces Lady Delilah on the bed. Delilah is wearing a short black rubber dress and a black rubber strap-on. Renee, in pretty pale blue bra and pants, has been selected as Delilah's slave. Delilah undress Renee and gives her a seriously hard fucking in missionary and doggy. During the action Delilah's bouncing boobies spill from the top of her dress and the scene ends with Renee bouncing hard on the strap-on in cowgirl (both ways).

In Ionie's third excursion to the Ipswich car park she finds a guy that is up for a scene: "yeah, alright then, go on...". Perhaps she should have shown him a picture of Renee, who has recovered from Delilah and is now back on the bed teasing her pussy with a vibrator. She is joined by Ionie's new recruit, who is naked and reasonably well endowed. The pair fuck in all the positions, although prolonged wood is a problem, ending with a decent cum shot over Renee's tits.

Finally Ionie has a delivery at the house and she persuades the Indian delivery guy to join the scene she's filming. Upstairs, Lady Delilah, wearing only a pink basque and white stockings, is on the bed with a naked black guy with a Rastafarian haircut. Delilah sucks both cocks but the delivery guy stays limp, so by the time she is on all fours and being fucked from behind a third guy has been introduced and she's sucking his cock. While Delilah gets fucked in missionary the third guy delivers a barely noticeable quantity of cum over her throat, then the bouncing action continues in reverse cowgirl before her partner cums over her tits.

Both the excellent Natalie and Delilah deliver on the bouncing boobies front and your reviewer is unable to fault Miss Richards despite her lack of inches. Three good girls get a good fucking and, though it's nice to see different cocks in their pussies, the general lack of 100% firmness demonstrates just how tough it can be on the guys. A little different from Ionie's usual run of the mill stuff.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

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