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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 5 - I Only Love Shaven Heaven
Notes and Reviews

At the start of this themed set of gonzo scenes Ionie is waving her camera at passers-by outside Ipswich station. She asks a few pixellated faces if they want to fuck a pornstar and fortunately there are a couple of guys who say yes.

Back at the studio, Ionie has Roxanne Coxx and Keira on the sofa. Both girls take off their clothes (although Keira leaves on her ripped-at-the-crotch fishnet tights) so that Ionie can clean up Keira's stubble with her razor. Keira then shaves Roxanne's toothbrush-sized pubic bush completely and some sensual girl-girl action follows with tongues and dildos. The dude from the station suddenly appears stark naked and the girls work on his cock to get wood. With only partial success, Keira climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl then, after more sucking, the guy briefly fucks Roxanne doggy. After more girl-girl the guy fills Roxanne's mouth with spunk.

Back at the station more pixellated interviews before geordie couple Natalia and Dougie Loads happen to be passing through. They pretend not to have done any pro stuff before so Ionie takes them back to the studio where she gives Natalia's pussy the once over with her razor. A naked Dougie joins Natalia on the sofa, removes her pretty underwear and the pair put on a display of top quality athletic fucking. All the usual positions ending with Dougie pulling out in missionary and cumming over Natalia's pussy.

Ionie's outside broadcast moves to a car park where she finds a couple of guys in a car who are up for some shagging. Suzie Best prepares for the action by removing her bra and knickers and allowing Ionie to shave her stubble, then the guy appears and strips. The guy is decently-endowed and is soon fucking Suzie in reverse cowgirl, ending in spoons, where he pulls out and cums over Suzie's belly.

More outside interviews precede the final scene, which has Lorna Lace in a basque, fishnets and long black wig, making her look eerily like Donna Ibbottson. Lorna has come pre-shaved and needs only to get lubricated using a large red dildo. Lorna's partner, an older, fleshier guy, turns out to be the previous guy's mate from the car park. Lorna gets him hard with her mouth then the pair fuck on the black leather sofa with Lorna keeping her basque and stockings on. Another guy presents his cock for Lorna's attention but her oral attentions and the sight of her getting deeply fucked in spoons are not enough to get wood so he disappears. Lorna gets fucked in more positions ending in missionary and a cumshot over her shaven haven.

Usual mix of cod interviews, although three of the guys here could actually be be newbies (I haven't seen them in action before). The lack of condoms and therefore the need for hiv certs belie the apparent spontaneity of the scenes, but the guys perform well enough. Ionie keeps her distance and there are no obvious signs of the other cameramen which has been a feature of previous films. But Ionie brings no originality to the action and precious little personality. Fans of any of the girls will not be disappointed however.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

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