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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 8: I Only Love... Dungeons & Dildos
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 86 mins.

In a slight change from her usual format, Ionie has dropped the chasing round looking for guys to fuck her stars and reduced the number of scenes to three, each at almost 30 minutes long. She is however still very much in evidence with her camera throughout the film.

Ionie catches Estelle as she gets into her car on the way home. She has done film work before and it has been suggested she may like to appear in an Ionie epic. Estelle agrees and the two head off to the dungeon. Sitting in a high backed red chair in her black basque squeezing up her tits, Ionie gets Estelle to suck on her big black strap-on. Picking up a toy, Estelle is sent to the swing where she eases it past her black nylon knickers into her pussy. Ionie opens her legs and ties them to the chains, then watches as she shoves the vibe deep into her pussy. Dougie enters and his cock slips straight into Estelle's mouth. She runs her tongue over his length as she wanks. Dougie crouches between Estelle's legs and laps at her trimmed blonde pubes. She groans as he finger fucks her. As her pussy is parted the chains gently jangle as Dougie pushes in his prick, Estelle's body slowly rocking. Once she is untied, the two head for the chair where she mounts Dougie's dick. The red chair rattles as the two hammer away doggy. The scene ends with Estelle being taken missionary, Dougie's balls slapping her bum as the pair bonk. Receiving Dougie's cum over her face, Estelle rubs it in with his cock.

Sitting on the red throne in her black high heels, Ionie wants Leon to worship her feet. He fails and is sent off to be tied up by nylon-and-PVC-clad Jessica and Lorna. The girls chew on his cock and play with his balls before releasing him. Making Leon lie down, Jessica forces her fanny into his face and demands that it is licked. Ionie joins the threesome to film as Lorna fills her mouth with cock. The girls swap places, Jessica slamming her pussy down on his cock. The group roll over so she is taken spoons. Discarding Leon, the two grab a dildo each and start to wank. Lorna probes her arse with the toy then gets Leon to lick it clean. Allowing Leon to join in again, Lorna rides him reverse cowgirl, then turns over to be taken missionary, letting Jessica lick her clit as she is fucked. Jessica is still lapping when Leon pulls out and shoots his load over her face. It drips onto Lorna's pussy.

The final scene starts with Kat taking mouthfuls of Donna's nipples as the pair stand in a black 'play pen'. Kissing, Kat falls to her knees to suck on Donna's juicy cunt. The girls move to the corner where Kat sits on the rail with her fishnet-covered legs splayed out so Donna can munch her minge. Pulling her head hard between her legs, Kat moans as Donna's tongue dances over her clit. Four guys walk in and force their cocks through the bars. The girls squat and start to suck. Donna deep throats one of the guys, but Kat is not so lucky with the semi stiff she has chosen. A cock in each hand, Kat squeezes to get some life into them then stands to let the boys at her cunt. Donna gets spit roasted and Kat joins her on the floor. Her legs tremble as she gets humped. The two then go for a ride, bouncing in time with each other. Donna forces her fanny against the bars for the boys to fuck while Kat fills her mouth with man meat, the guy cumming almost immediately. The girls kiss as the boys shower them in spunk.

Though the film has its faults, such as cameramen walking across shots and directions shouted from off screen, it is still an enjoyable watch. Ionie gets a little more involved in the action than in her previous film, especially with tall blonde Estelle, and her able sidekick Lorna performs well in her scene with Jessica and Leon. If you like Ionie's other films then this is a must for your collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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