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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 9: I Only Love Real Couples
Notes and Reviews


Usual format from Ionie, out on the streets of London's Docklands looking for 'real couples' to film, but the content and structure of the action is a bit different.

After a batch of unsuccessful street interviews, Ionie alights on Larry who thinks he and his girlfriend might be up for it. Next, Ionie interviews Larry's girlfriend, Ella, in a living-room location. Ella is a very attractive, tall, articulate woman with an excellent figure and black hair with extensions. The interview seems very natural as Ella describes her and Larry's swinging activities. Ella stands and removes her top and pants then, naked, uses a gold dido on herself while Ionie films. The film cuts to Larry and Ella (who's got dressed again) and the two undress each other and have very natural sex on the sofa: missionary, cowgirl, spoons and the scene ends with a cumshot over Ella's tits.

Back on the streets, Ionie finds a young black dude who's girlfriend has already done some films. The 'girlfriend' turns out to be Suzie Best, who Ionie interviews in the house. Suzie, dressed only in a lacy pink camisole and pants, descibes some of her sexual exploits with her boyfriend then slips her pants off to tease her pussy with a little pink vibrator. At this point the naked boyfriend joins in and Suzy sucks his cock while keeping the vibrator pressed against her clit. As Suzie mounts her boyfriend reverse cowgirl she passes the buzzing vibrator to Ionie who presses the plastic against her pants. The professional sex continues on the sofa in missionary and then on the floor ending in doggy and a cumshot over Suzie's bum.

After another batch of surprisingly successful interviews, Ionie has Tony on the couch. Tony, who must be around 60, explains that his wife is shopping so he's brought Amanda, the Hungarian au pair who he makes love to at home. Amanda, wearing blue satin bra and pants, joins Tony on the sofa then performs a solo routine with a large red vibrator. Nineteen year old Amanda admits to liking girls and having fucked about ten guys at once. Tony rejoins Amanda and she sucks his cock hard then undresses him and gets fucked missionary, cowgirl and doggy on the sofa. Moving to the carpet the couple fuck in spoons and cowgirl, then Amanda sucks Tony to the brink of climax and he wanks (very modestly) into her face.

Back on the streets, Ionie finds another guy to join the final scene. Back on the sofa a naked Amanda is in serious action with Ella, now in a red basque and black fishnets. After just a minute or two, the two girls are joined by Tony and Larry plus Suzie's boyfrend Rainman and the guy from the street. The men are naked, sporting erections, and in no time at all Tony's cock is in Ella's pussy. Sex with six participants is not easy to describe, suffice to say that both girls fuck the three boyfriends in most ways on the sofa and the floor; the last guy fails to make the grade and fades from the scene. Both girls are spit roasted and end the scene on the floor taking facials from the guys.

The change to the early format of this series is welcome, particularly with the group scene. Whether any of these people are real couples is a moot point. It's hard to believe that the stunning Ella hasn't modelled before, but she and Larry could easily be an item. At the end of the film Rainman says he's in the industry, as indeed is partner Suzie. And Tony's 'au pair' looks every bit an eastern European porn starlet with experience to match. A fine film nevertheless and with Ionie giving her pussy a sly rub with a vibrator, regular viewers live in hope of stronger action still to come.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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