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Released: 1988
Director: John T. Bone
Notes: Caballero
Alternate Titles
  • Phone Sex Girls 3
  • Phone Sex Girls International
Notes and Reviews

Tracy Adams buys a run-down phone sex operation in Dusseldorf (she thinks it's in California). Misty Regan is in temporary charge and very poor at the job. Tracy trains her and hires new girls - Molly O'Brien, Sara Williams and Georgina Day / Karen Winter.

We see them taking calls and then we see the imagined sex as if it was real.

  • Molly (as Nina) m/f to facial.
  • Georgina Day (as Cleo) plays a dominatrix with an East German officer.
  • Sara Williams plays an English Rose and has a scene with the same bloke as in her other appearances - speaks her lines in a very stilted manner.
  • Molly and Misty Regan with Tom Byron watching a lesbian show, including fisting, while tied to a chair. Then he is allowed to join in.
  • Tracy Adams takes on the two former owners before selling the business back to them at a huge profit.

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