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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private, see also egafd
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 11: I Only Love Girl On Girl Action
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

As with other films in the series, Ionie Luvcoxxx is out and about on the obligatory hunt for guys in the east end of London, the difference between this and her other films is they can only watch the girls in action. Take up on the offer is poor; so Ionie heads back to the studio.

Dressed in a short black slip, Ionie introduces Didi and Lucy who share her sofa. To see who is going to do the fucking, Ionie opens her legs to reveal a big black strap-on. The girl who impresses the most gets the choice. Didi, in her red bra and knickers, goes first, taking the strap-on in her mouth. Her efforts are marked. Lucy has no problem with the plastic cock, swallowing the whole length, and is declared the winner. The girls start to kiss each other's nipples, Lucy working her way down Didi's torso to end with her tongue on her clit. Stripped, Lucy lies back to be licked. Didi darts and probes her tongue over the shaved snatch. With Ionie crouched beside them, the girls move to the floor and 69, fingers and toys penetrating each other's pussies. Pulling on a powered strap-on, Lucy fucks Didi's fanny doggy style. The girls kiss.

Next to sandwich Ionie on the sofa are Tia, in her skimpy black lingerie and knee length boots, and Louise, dressed in red and black. As before the girls first task is to give Ionie's strap-on a blow job. Tia dribbles onto the shaft then swallows, Louise prefers the slower approach, inching her red lips along the length. It's a draw. Ionie invites a couple of guys she has found on the street to watch and learn as Louise laps at Tia's pussy then slips in a finger. The two rub their naked bodies together as one of the boys is handed the camera, but it's all too much for him. Louise leans forward with her eyes closed to have her arse licked. Tia works a shiny blue vibrator into her pussy and the juices flow over the leather sofa. After using a pink toy in Tia's pussy, Louise dons a strap-on to give her a ride. Tia finishes on all fours being fucked from behind.

In the same black slip, Ionie sits in the middle of a large bed, Samantha Bond in pink lingerie to her right and Sophie Dee almost identically dressed to the left. Samantha has the first go on her strap-on, wanking the plastic and Ionie gets excited. Next up is Sophie and the whole length goes down her throat with ease, her chin banging on the leather harness. There's no question as to who wins. Ionie leaves the girls to get started. They peel down each other's bras, kissing and caressing breasts. Samantha is put in a head lock as Sophie pulls her face into her fanny with her leg. Rolling over, Sophie shows she can give as well as she takes, lapping away at Samantha's pussy. Ionie hands the girls some toys. Samantha sucks on a bright pink dildo before easing it between Sophie's moist pussy lips. Holding the end in her mouth, she wanks. Sophie uses a smaller purple vibe on Samantha before borrowing Ionie's black strap-on to finish the job.

The final couple of girls are blonde Lili and brunette Lulu who both appear on Ionie's bed. Ionie holds her strap-on while the girls go to work giving her a blow job. She decides both girls can fuck each other. Removing Lili's black basque, Lulu nibbles at her nipples then heads south to fill her mouth with the neatly-trimmed minge. One then two fingers are slipped into Lili's fanny as Lulu's tongue flicks across her clit. The two position themselves to suck and finger fuck. Lying on her stomach, Lulu takes a large white toy in her moist hole. As the girls talk dirty, Lili rides Lulu's plastic prick reverse. She turns to be finished doggy. The two kiss and Ionie joins to wave good bye.

If you are new to Ionie's films the camera work and Ionie's keenness to appear in front of the lens may be a little off putting at first, but it's a style she has used since the first in the series and it grows on you. As for the film, eight great girls (nine if you include Ionie for her strap-on action) look very comfortable as they indulge in some nicely worked lesbian action. Pick of the crop? That's a hard one, but the vote probably goes to Sophie Dee for the way Ionie's plastic prick glided down her throat and not a wet eye in sight. Keep them coming Ionie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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