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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 12: I Only Love Both Holes Filled
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

The film starts, as do the others of Ionie's, with the camera crew out on the streets looking for guys and girls to appear in the film. This time Ionie is in the Camden and Hampstead areas of London where the response she gets is mixed.

Back at her flat, Ionie's sidekick Lorna Lace strips out of her black one-piece in a blue tiled shower cubicle and runs a light grey vibrator down to where she is going to take cock. Smearing her body with oil, Lorna squeezes herself against the glass shower partition and rubs her tits up and down. Her black lingerie and knee length boots on, she moves to the bedroom. Lying with the grey vibrator embedded in her arse, she pulls it out and swallows it. Ionie climbs on the bed with a toy for her cunt. A guy joins Lorna and the pair 69, and, as she is sucking, Leon pops his cock in her pussy and she ends up being spit roasted. Her pussy filled, the vibe is pushed into her arse before the guys swap ends. Her legs bent under her, Lorna rides the first guy's cock and Leon fills her arse for good measure. Turning over, Lorna uses a pink toy in her pussy as Leon bangs her bum. He cums over her face ... the first guy has gone.

Aphrodite, whom Ionie calls Anna, is appearing in her first film. As she stands in the shower, Ionie can't resist rubbing oil over her buttocks. In the bedroom she pulls down her black top, squashing her tits together. Her black panties are pulled to one side and she starts to finger her damp hole. Aphrodite goes on all fours as a guy approaches the bed, her mouth open ready to take his cock. With her head bobbing on his shaft there is interference in the soundtrack and what sounds like a conversation on a mobile phone. As she lies back, Aphrodite's pussy is teased open by the guy's tongue. Ionie passes over a big pink toy which is used on her fanny and she moans as it's worked in and out. She rolls onto her face and the guy fucks her doggy. Aphrodite turns back and climbs onto his cock. With her pussy stuffed with man meat, she eases the toy into her arse. The juice-covered prick is then given a tit wank before replacing the toy in her bum. A couple of dozen strokes and the guy squirts his cum over Aphrodite's bum.

In skimpy red knickers and matching top, Mazel sucks on a red vibrator. Dropping her panties to the shower floor, she sticks the toy up her arse. Appearing on the bed in her red high heels, Mezel tantalises herself with a yellow toy. A guy replaces the plastic with his finger and she wraps her lips around his shaft and starts to suck. With directions called from off screen, Mazel drops on her back and plays with her tits as her pussy is licked. Her boobs joggle as her pussy is entered from behind. Mazel turns to taste, then spreads her legs to be taken missionary. The toy is eased up her arse and the shagging continues, the bed rattling and sounding like galloping horses as Mazel's bum is plundered by dick. The guy pulls out and cums on her tits.

The final girl to appear in Ionie's shower is Samantha Bond. The camera wobbles as she bends over with a toy jammed in her arse. She enters the bedroom in a red PVC one-piece and matching thigh-length boots. Her attire creaks and squeaks as she joins a guy on the bed. She unzips herself and her massive boobs pop out, but the sight of them and her bright red lips wrapped round his dick doesn't arouse the guy. She toys with herself as the guy tries to make wood - a little more oral intervention and still nothing. With the guy failing to perform, Mezel returns with a double-ended dildo which goes straight into Samantha's snatch. Going onto all fours, Samantha has her bum toyed, then both girls share the double ender, slowly working towards each other. The guy returns to suck at the girls' boobs but even with his own personal girl-on-girl show nothing happens downstairs. Samantha and Mazel head back to the shower.

This film is not without its problems ... using guys from the street there is always the chance of a non performance or two, but you can live with that. Of more concern is the poor post production as with other Ionie films. Mobiles create havoc with the sound track so why leave it in the film (or why leave the phones on to start off with), and surely the editor could have cropped some of the wobbly feet shots out of the film. Finally, those hoping to see four girls getting DPs will be disappointed. Only Lorna takes the two cock challenge, the rest of the girls make do with dildos. Not one of Ionie's better films.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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