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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 14: I Only Love PVC
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 91 mins.

Ionie is clocking up the films with I Only Love PVC being her 14th release. By now the format is well established with Ionie and her able assistant Jill (Lorna Lace) looking for guys and girls to appear in her film. This time Ionie is dressed in her shiny tight black PVC gear which definitely attracts attention.

In her apartment, Avalon waits, dressed only in her bright red knickers and boots. Ionie caresses her body as she helps her don her red PVC outfit. Zipped and laced, Avalon is ready. Stefan Hard is the lucky guy. He squeezes and sucks her tits which are popping out of the top of her tight top. Working his way down, he licks at her plastic-encased pussy. Avalon kneels and Stefan's dick disappears into her mouth. Then she buries the spit covered shaft in her cleavage. Stripped, Avalon spreads her legs and slides down Stefan's shaft. Lying back, Avalon's bum slaps into Stefan's groin and she moans as juices squirt from her pussy. The two turn onto their sides to shag spoons. Then, moving again, they end missionary. Avalon holds her boobs up to get them covered in cream.

Myla is next to be dressed. Ionie has just the thing, a white nurse's uniform. As she zips up the front, Ionie plays with her nipples. The scene changes. Sucking at a purple vibrator, Sabrina lies back in shiny PVC schoolgirl gear with thigh-high black boots. She takes the toy and slips it between her legs. Another jump and Sabrina stands beside Myla in a red nurse's outfit. The PVC rustles and creaks as the two gyrate. Unzipping each other, the girls lick tits and kiss, their bodies pressed together. Myla sits on the sofa, her legs apart, and Sabrina laps at her clit as she finger fucks her. Myla picks up a red vibrator and wriggles and writhes as Sabrina works it into her pussy. Turning over, she is toyed doggy. Sabrina lapping at the juices makes her almost climax. Appearing with a strap-on, Sabrina gets Myla to ride her before shagging her from behind.

Back in her school girl get up, Sabrina works her magic mouth on a not-too stiff member, getting it ready for action. A blonde guy picked up on the street earlier tugs at his tadger and fires spunk over her tits. Sabrina continues sucking dick while Ionie gives the guys the camera's to film. Returning, she has a plastic pussy in her hand which she slips over the blonde bloke's cock. A few strokes doggy and Sabrina rolls onto her back to be fucked missionary. Sweat drips off the guy's brow as he pounds at her pussy. The blonde guy has a second load to drop on her tits. With number 1 exhausted, Sabrina yanks at the other's cock till he coats her tongue in cream.

Standing wearing a strap-on, Ionie introduces Brooke for her first boy/girl on film. Brooke is squeezed into a shiny black dress and Ionie gets her to practice blow jobs on her plastic prick. Stroking her hair, she slowly unzips the dress - Brooke is ready for Stefan and she lies on the bed in her dress and black boots. Stefan caresses her clit as he takes mouthfuls of tit. His head sinks down between Brooke's legs and he explores her pussy lips. Ionie sits by the bed filming as the two swap places. Brooke's head bobs on the cock, her fingers grasping tight to the base of the shaft. Kneeling over Stefan, Brooke slips his prick into her pussy. Ionie suggests the two try spoons. After a little doggy action, Brooke lies on her back to be shagged. Ionie strokes Stefan's balls as he releases his load over Brooke's black dress. She scrapes it up and licks her fingers ... Brooke likes being in porn.

Ionie's films have a style of their own; a little rough and ready with cameras, lights and crew in evidence, and of course Ionie popping up here and there. I Only Love PVC is no different. What she does manage to do is understand and interact with the performers which makes the action flow. You can even forgive the bad editing with the mix up at the start of the second and third scene with the Ionie shrug of the shoulders and an "Ah Well". If you like her work or are into girls in tight shiny outfits, I Only Love PVC is a must for your collection. For the rest, the energy and enthusiasm from Ionie and the actresses might win you over.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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