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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 16: I Only Love White Panties
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 116 mins.

On a freezing cold day, Ionie is out and about in white stiletto country, Essex, looking for guys and girls for her latest project, I Only Love White Panties. Following a now familiar format, she stops a number of people and invites them back to the studio for a shoot. In a play park, she finds Aaliyah and Harvey wrapped up in their winter togs sitting on a swing. The pair don't want to perform together but agree to go to the studio anyway.

Rio stands on the black and white chequer board floor in the hall dressed only in her white knickers. Caressing her boobs, she turns and spanks her bum before sinking to the floor. Her knickers round her knees, she plunges a purple vibe deep into her pussy. The action moves to the bedroom, Rio toying herself as Aaliyah and Harvey are introduced. Climbing onto the bed, Harvey swaps the vibrator in Rio's pussy for his fingers as he sucks at her tits. Aaliyah disappears off into the corner. Her white panties half down, Harvey licks at Rio's moist minge. She kneels over him to suck at his cock. The couple lie side by side to shag spoons then move to missionary. Harvey pulls out to wank over Rio's tits.

Aaliyah is turned on by what she's seen and, back in the hall, she stands in her white panties and ankle boots teasing her pussy. Sitting on the floor, she fingers herself. Ionie moves in to stroke her tits. A surprise awaits her in the bedroom. Evie is on the bed. The girls kiss and pull at each other's nipples and their hands wander down to explore pussy. Aaliyah leans forward to lap at Evie's tight white cotton panties and her finger slips in past the crotch. She brushes her boobs across the damp snatch. Aaliyah feeds a dildo into Evie's mouth, then gags on the toy herself. Pulling on a strap-on, she guides the plastic prick into Evie's pussy and bangs away doggy style. The pair roll over, Evie riding cowgirl then reverse. The girls cry out as their clits are rubbed.

Out on the streets, Ionie has a bit of banter with a couple of builders. It's then back indoors for the next girl.

Elle Brook stands in the hall, red vibrator in hand. Ionie turns her round to slap her bum as she presses the toy into her panties. Squatting down, the knickers are pulled to one side and the red vibe thrust into her hairy pussy. Elle moves to a high back hall chair and sits, a damp patch has appeared in her panties. John enters and he bends so that his tongue can probe the moist mark. Leaning forward, Elle cups John's balls in her hand as she sucks on his cock. Her cheeks fill with man meat. Ionie crouches down with her camera while Elle's pussy works its way down John's shaft. Bent over, she is taken doggy, her boobs resting on the arm of the chair. The pair fall to the floor, Elle on her back with a cock in her cunt. They move so she can mount cowgirl. The session ends spoons, John showering his spunk on Elle's white panties.

Kneeling on the bed in their white knickers, Frankie and Shona kiss and fondle each other's bodies. Shona sucks gently at Frankie's erect nipples before letting her go down on her silky smooth pussy. As she licks and fingers the big breasted blonde, Frankie's tongue dances over her clit. A double-ended dong appears and is slipped into Shona's snatch, Frankie holding the free end in her mouth. Then she goes down on all fours to share the toy with Shona who turns to suck off the juices. The girls swap places, Shona taking the dildo from behind. The two lick the toy clean.

Emma sits in her high heels, leg warmers and white panties, on an expensive looking leather sofa. Pulling her knickers tight into her snatch, she fingers at her pussy. She stretches her pussy lips as limp-dicked Ian arrives and plays with her tits. Filling her mouth with his tadger soon gets him into shape. Ionie stands over the pair as Emma sucks at Ian's prick. She hands her a purple vibrator to use on her pussy. Moving, she wanks Ian's cock as Emma plays with the toy. Ian has a request - can his friend Gina join in the fun. The long-haired blonde goes down on Emma's pussy and starts to lick as she holds the vibrator against her clit. The girls kiss as Ian fingers Gina's fanny. She screams out when Emma laps at her pussy juices. Ian jerks off over Emma's tits and the girls rub their boobs together.

Ionie has managed to pack this film full of eight great girls in hot steamy action. There's the standard fill between each scene where Ionie tries to drum up new talent, and the rough and ready nature of the filming makes the action look spontaneous. It's a style she has perfected over the previous 15 films in the series and judging by its success one which presumably she will continue to use. Roll on 17, 18, 19 ...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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