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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 17: I Only Love Cumming
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 111 mins.

To celebrate national orgasm week, Ionie is recruiting guys and girls for her latest film at Chigwell underground station. As usual, her success rate is low. One chap does volunteer to come back to her flat, which is where all the action is to take place.

Frankie sits cross-legged on Ionie's large leather sofa, vibrator in hand, and talks about orgasms. Ionie is interested in seeing Frankie's masturbation technique at close hand and asks her to demonstrate. Pulling aside her indigo blue panties, Frankie strokes her clit. Ionie moves closer as her bra comes off and the vibrator is eased into her wet pussy. Frankie holds the buzzing toy against her lips. It's good, but nothing like the real thing. Ionie has the answer ... Johnny is led in and his tongue soon replaces the toy. Frankie pulls his shaven head into her fanny as he licks. Grabbing his cock, Frankie starts to wank. Ionie reaches out for Johnny's balls as Frankie swallows. After being entered doggy on the sofa, Frankie takes control, mounting Johnny reverse cowgirl. His cock keeps popping out of her pussy, so she tries spoons. Riding conventional cowgirl is more successful. Frankie's gyrating hips get him too excited. Jumping off, she jerks Johnny's load into her mouth.

The next girl on the sofa is Suzie. Pulling down her black top, she lets Ionie slap her tits. Stripped and on her back, Suzie plays with her pussy and fantasises about girl-on-girl action. A sudden cut: same sofa, same position, different girl. Elle Brook fingers her fanny and sticks in a vibrator, while telling Ionie of her desire for lesbian love. The girls are brought together. Ionie touches Elle's furry minge, while Suzie nibbles at her nipples. The two kiss and caress as Ionie films them 69ing. Suzie pops the vibrator back into Elle's pussy, while she takes two fingers in her own. A large double-ended dildo appears which the pair share. Slowly, they work towards each other along its length. Suzie dons a strap-on and after filling Elle from behind, gets her to sit on her lap. The toys discarded, Suzie tugs at her pert tits as Elle's tongue works some magic between her legs. Her body trembles as she orgasms.

Being fucked by Elle was nice but now Suzie is dying for the real thing. Ionie finds a bloke at the underground station who may fit the bill. Lapping at his limp dick, Suzie quickly gets it into a usable state. The couple climb onto the sofa to 69. The guy seems a little hesitant at first, until Suzie starts wanking his cock. He then buries his face in her fanny and licks at her clit. Easing his prick into her pussy, Suzie sits on his lap reverse. His hands fondle and squeeze her tits. She spins round. Shagging doggy-style is less successful. Conscious of his surroundings, he starts to go limp. Suzie finishes off with a dildo. Not the ending she had hoped for. The guy wanks away over her feet and the scene ends in a fake cum shot with what looks like single-cream being flicked on Suzie's legs.

In her salmon pink lingerie and fluorescent leg warmers, Angel is the last girl to use Ionie's suite. Slipping her tits out of her bra, Angel's tongue flicks at her nipples. Wetting a finger, she talks about orgasms. Her hand enters her panties. Telling Ionie she can climax through finger work alone, Angel proves it. Wheeling in the guy, Angel gags on his big black cock. Spit dribbles over her chin and drips onto his balls. Parting her pussy lips, he goes into overdrive with his tongue. Angel manoeuvres so that the pair can 69. Sliding down his cock, Angel throws her body back as she grinds and gyrates. The two fall forward and she ends being taken slow and deep from behind. Wanting her arse stuffed, Angel guides the cock into her bum, cowgirl first, then spoons. Ending up on her back, Angel is fucked missionary. The guy empties his balls over her stomach. Grabbing his cock, Angel milks the last few drops into her mouth.

Like Ionie's other films, there are parts of this which are good and others which are not so. Ionie popping into shot with her camera is all part of the film, but not other members of the crew. During Frankie's scene a cameraman walks in front of the lens while she's banging away. And hands and arms are forever appearing... Why not edit them out? On the positive side, Suzie showed true professionalism in finishing her scene when the guy lost his wood, and Frankie, Elle, and Angel were as sexy as ever. Very watchable even if it's not Ionie's best to date.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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