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Released: 2007
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 19: Deep Throat
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

For the 19th film in the series, Ionie has a new set of title graphics for her latest production, I Only Love Deep Throat. The rest of the movie, however, follows her standard format. Ionie has found four girls and is looking to crown one Deep Throat Queen. All she has to do is find volunteers who want to be swallowed.

Sitting on the edge of Ionie's bath in a leopard print bikini, Angel has a large pink dildo in her hand. Pulling down her panties, she jams the toy into her pussy. With both hands she thrusts in the 10 inches of plastic. Ionie wants to see how far Angel can take the toy down her throat. With eyes watering, the whole length disappears into her mouth. Ready for cock, Angel and the entourage head out into the country in Ionie's car. Finding Tom out for a walk, he agrees to go back to the car. Angel flashes her pussy for him and he jumps in. With the back seats down, Angel tugs at his trousers and starts to wank his dick. With her lips around his shaft, she works her way towards his balls. Angel's bra comes off and she slips a vibe between her legs as she sucks. The car windows start to steam up as her head bobs. Tom cums over her tits.

Back at the flat, Angel lies on the bed, her legs in the air and Tom lapping at her pussy. She rolls over to be finger fucked and lets Tom tongue her arse. Angel adds her own fingers to her pussy. Tom jerks at his prick as he watches Angel bring herself to climax.

Sahara is next in Ionie's bathroom. In her short white skirt and fishnets, she sucks at her toy. On hearing how much Angel swallowed, Sahara is up for the challenge. The vibrator slides past her tonsils. Ripping her white fishnets, Sahara jabs her arse with the plastic pole. Moving to the bedroom, Sahara holds the base of Dan's dick. Saliva dribbles down his shaft and drips off his balls as she feeds it into her mouth. Spluttering, Sahara hangs her head over the edge of the bed to have her throat fucked. She turns back to have her arse licked. Pulling at her buttocks, Dan pops his wet prick up her bum. Sahara want to taste herself. Dan's balls brush against her chin. Bouncing around the bed, the pair 69. With Dan on his back, Sahara sticks his cock up her arse. Her banging and grinding gets him ready to cum. Dan fires his spunk over Sahara's face. Her body twitches as she fingers herself to orgasm.

Dressed in a white blouse and tie, with her hair in bunches, Jessica sits on Ionie's desk licking a pink rabbit. Measuring its length, all nine spikey centimetres slip into her mouth. She pulls her patterned panties to one side to take the toy in her pussy. Out on the street, Ionie is looking for lads. Eventually Nico agrees to head back with her. Jessica wastes no time getting down to business. Her tongue dances over the tip of the dick before deep throating. Throwing her blouse to one side, she slurps and wanks at the cock as Ionie films over Nico's shoulder. Discarding her knickers, Jessica bends forward. Her black PVC skirt sticks up like a frill. Nico fondles her boobs as he enters her pussy from behind. Legs apart, Jessica lies on the desk to be fucked missionary. Slipping down onto the floor, Nico holds on tight to her bunches as she sucks. Pushed back into a chair, Jessica sits on Nico's cock, riding reverse till he can hold back no more. Jumping off, Jessica kneels open-mouthed as he jerks himself onto her tongue.

The final girl to visit Ionie's bathroom is Majella (as Angelina), with her sexy red lipstick and swathed in red cord. She balances on the edge of the bath. Unbuckling her studded leather panties, they fall to the floor. Majella tilts her head back and forces a vivid blue vibe into her mouth but fails. She suggests it may be better coated in pussy juice and tries again. At an industrial unit, Ionie finds Stefan and Oliver. Both boys want their cocks sucked. Sitting on the bed, Majella fills her face with Stefan, then turns to take Oliver. The boys pull at her swollen pussy lips. Blindfolded, Majella takes a cock in each hand. Her head yo-yos between the two, swallowing each as far as their balls. Majella wants to be fucked. Stefan obliges, taking her doggy style. Her mascara smudges as she sucks at Oliver's cock. Turning, Majella has her pussy tongued. The boys swap for more banging. Oliver cums over her tits. Majella massages in his cream, then gets him to lick her cunt. Working a toy into her pussy, Majella's body stiffens and she squirts. Majella wants more. Stefan shags her spoons. Convulsing with pleasure, she cries out and squirts again. It's too much for Stefan who wanks his load into her mouth. Ionie can't award her Deep Throat Queen but Majella gets a commendation for squirting.

With Angel, Sahara and Majella in a film, Ionie couldn't go wrong. Include Jessica as well and you get a great two hours viewing. The bathroom 'deep throat competition' sections set each scene up and it's nice to see that the 'guys' from the street all managed to perform. I Only Love Deep Throat is one of Ionie's best films to date.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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