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Released: 2007
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 20: Hookers
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 100 mins.

For the 20th film in her series, Ionie this time loves hookers. Dressed in a uniform which is a cross between an American cop and a traffic warden, Ionie trawls the streets for girls and their clients. Once picked up, it's back to her flat for some familiar style fucking in front of the camera.

The first girl Ionie approaches is Leah. She stands on the street corner in her parka and jeans. Business is slack and she agrees to try her hand as a porn actress. Dressed in her diamonds and an all-in-one body stocking, Leah sits on Ionie's leather couch, licking her fingers. Her hand wanders down to her pussy and she plays with it. She squeezes and licks her tits. Ionie rubs at her nipples. Picking up a flashing vibrator, Leah pushes it between her legs. Rob arrives to assist with the toy. He licks Leah's pussy and she moans. The two strip. Leah wraps her fingers around Rob's shaft and sucks on it before lying on her back to take his cock. Ionie stands over the two, camera in hand, while Leah positions herself on the prick, her diamante belt dangling in front of her pussy. Tasting her juices, she turns to be filled from behind. A few quick thrusts and Rob jerks his load over Leah's back.

In a short shiny red dress, Lala leans on Ionie's fireplace, her hands exploring her body. Easing out her tits, she plays with them. Dress and panties off, a grey vibrator is slipped into her pussy. Slim, pale, Neil is brought into the room. Stripping him, Lala sits him down on the sofa and crouches to get at his cock. Her tongue flicks over the head of his manhood, then disappears between her lips. A second guy arrives for Lala to suck on. She turns to be fucked doggy. Neil leaves to let Lala ride the second guy cowgirl on the floor. Her gyrations quickly make him cum and he showers her body with spunk.

Having no luck finding anyone at the railway station, Ionie stops a guy in a car. He agrees that Ionie can use his garage for her next scene. As she jumps into his car, the boys in blue take an interest in her filming. Back at the garage, Evie (as Nancy) and Natalia stand beside his chest. Climbing on top, Evie lowers her fuchsia top to flash her tits before lifting her short black skirt to let Natalia lap at her pussy. Natalia slaps and pulls at her own pussy. Picking a large pink dildo from the work bench, she gets Evie to bury it in her fanny. The girls then share a double-ended dong. With both of them nice and wet, Natalia pulls on a black strap-on and fucks Evie's throat, then jabs it into her pussy. Balanced on a pile of tyres, Natalia lets Evie ride her to orgasm.

In her sexy black boots and almost non-existent back-less, front-less, side-less, black dress, Sahara sits on the workbench in the garage - a curved vibrator next to her. Pulling her panties to one side, she starts to finger herself. It doesn't take Sahara long to fill her pussy with the toy. Dropping to all fours, Sahara hammers away at her hole. Sahara turns to suck Chris, the garage owner, while Stefan Hard fingers her fanny. The boys swap places as she wanks on their cocks. Spread across some tyres, Sahara rocks as Chris fucks her missionary. Jumping off, she pokes her tonsils with his prick. Not needed, Stefan leaves as Sahara props Chris up against the tyres and sits on his lap. Almost ready to cum, Sahara wanks Chris's cock into her mouth. She smiles as the spunk drips off her chin.

In glasses and a long dark wig, Lorna Lace plays her alter ego Elle - a girl who is dying to break into films. Ionie has arranged for a group of guys to watch and judge her performance. Lifting her black dress, Lorna smears lube into her pussy and spreads her legs wide to finger herself. More lube and Laura jabs a red toy into her shiny wet hole. Her dress drops to the floor and one of the audience is invited to caress her tits as she tastes her juices. Lying back on the sofa, legs in the air, Lorna hammers away at her pussy. She turns to let Ionie spank her arse. Reaching down between her legs, a finger enters her bum. Picking up a blue toy, she jams it in her arse. One of the boys is allowed to tweak her tits as Lorna wanks herself to climax.

At times dark and with 'wobbly' hand held camera work, this film, like the rest of Ionie's work, is packed full of steaming hot girls. Here though, you get the feeling that, after such a long run, Ionie is starting to run out of ideas for her Only Love series. The set-ups, scenarios and scenes are starting to be too predictable. A good film, but Ionie has done better.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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