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Released: 2009
Notes: Anabolic
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Running time: 178 mins.

With a constant supply of fresh talent into the business, some series go on forever, so it is with Anabolic's Initiations. The 23rd sequel is just as fresh as the first, released ten years ago.

Robin appears in the penultimate scene, beginning with quite a bit of banter that establishes that this is her first LA scene. In common with some of the other scenes, Robyn is blindfolded before a naked Tony T sticks his cock in her face. As Robin is only wearing a couple of bits of turquoise net tubing over her tits and hips and a micro matching g-string, access to her private parts is not difficult and Tony is quickly balls-deep in doggy. More hard fucking on the couch ends with Tony wanking into Robin's mouth.

Pretty much the same format with the rest of the cast with a decent and generally informative interview followed by sex. Russian Katya fucks Sascha; bubbly curly blonde Shirley Dimples accommodates Justin Long and CJ Wright. Dark haired Talia Tyler pairs up with Eric Swiss, while CJ returns to service cool and classy blonde Daphne Flor. Another young brunette Ryan Hunter is fucked by Sascha while Texan hottie Alice Bell is serviced by Carlo Carrera. With nice internal locations and firm sofas, all the girls get a proper seeing-to from the Anabolic posse as a start to their porn careers. Decent scene from Robyn with a fine collection of future stars in action. Well worth a look.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Robyn Truelove is one of seven girls who are blindfolded and presented with a prick as part of their initiation into Anabolic. The other inductees are Katya, Talia Tylor, Ryan Hunter, Alice Bell, Shirley Dimples and Daphine Flor. Each scene runs along the same lines: an intro followed by a simply shot boy/girl or boy/boy/girl session.

By the time Robyn appears as the sixth girl, the format is a familiar one. Wearing turquoise lingerie and fishnet stockings, she squeezes her boobs together as she chats with the cameraman. Blindfold on, Robyn is ready. Reaching out, she finds a cock ready and stiff. Running her tongue over the tip, she caresses the balls and kneels to get her tonsils tickled. Blindfold off, Robyn laps and licks. Spit drips from the shaft onto her boobs. Knickers yanked down, she drops on all fours and is filled doggy. After slapping the wet staff against her face, Robyn crawls onto the arm of the sofa to be fucked. The guy cums in her mouth. A second dick appears, which Robyn rides cowgirl before flopping onto her back. Combining missionary with a little foot work is too much for the guy and Robyn gratefully accepts a second load of spunk in her mouth.

Whilst the execution of Initiations 24 is exemplary, watching seven almost identical scenes over three hours can become a little repetitive. This is a film to delve into when the mood takes rather than dedicating a full evening's viewing to.

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