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Released: 2011
Director: Anjali Kara
Notes: Daring
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Running time: 144 mins.

With The Informers, director Anjali Kara has broken away from the usual five or six scene offering and opted instead for a plot-based film. The story revolves around shady dealings in the boxing world, with rival gangs attempting to outwit each other. Only the girls in the film know the real score.

After introducing Stefan Hard to Michelle, Mark leaves the two to become better acquainted whilst he pops back to Scarlett in the car. Leaning over from the passenger seat, Scarlett unfastens her top as she takes in mouthfuls of Mark's manhood. Her efforts are interrupted by a phone call. Mark has to leave.

Back in the flat, Michelle has slipped into some skimpy black lingerie and stockings. Taking her place on Stefan's lap, she lifts out her boobs and lets him lick. The two caress. Michelle grabs at Stefan's crotch and pulls out his prick to suck on as he tongues at her pussy. Spread across a table, Michelle is entered from behind. Stefan presses his prick past her black panties. They change position and with her boobs bouncing, Michelle sinks down Stefan's shaft. The pair drop to the wooden floor to continue spoons. Back on her feet, Michelle balances with one leg on the table while Stefan bangs away. She stoops to catch his cum on her face.

Under a railway bridge, a leather clad Harmony stands with her fingers down her knickers. She pulls away at her pussy as Danny approaches. Releasing his dick, Harmony wraps her hand round his girth and drops to her knees to suck. Danny showers Harmony's face and tits in spunk.

Turning up at the gym wearing a leather jacket and tight leather trousers, Tamara wants some info from the boys and is willing to pay. Undoing her buttons, Tamara fondles her body and invites a boy to play with her boobs. A second guy arrives, his cock out of his shorts. Tamara guides it between her lips as her pussy is fingered. Taking a cheb in each hand, Tamara yo-yos between the boys. With a cock in her mouth she drops on all fours to be fucked doggy. Stripping down to her black ankle boots, Tamara rides the guys. A little spit-roasting and they jerk their jizz on Tamara's face and tits. She's got what she wants.

In a bright, tight, red dress, Kerry Louise slowly gyrates for Jamie in his city penthouse. Discarding her dress and bra, she crawls across the floor to where he sits. His cock out of his pants, Kerry Louise tongues her way along his length and pops the tip between her lips. Her head bobs on the shaft. Slipping down her knickers, Jamie buries his face in her bum. Kerry Louise is placed on the white leather sofa, legs akimbo, to be licked. Turned onto all fours, Jamie eases in from behind. The two move round on the sofa so that Kerry Louise can ride his cock. A session of missionary is followed by more riding, this time cowgirl. Jamie shoots his cream over her tits.

Wandering down a dark alley, Mark meets up with Stacey. He wants some info. The two head to her flat. Inside, Stacey tugs at Mark's trousers and runs her studded tongue over his dick. Slowly she feeds his length into her mouth. Standing Stacey against the wall, Mark pushes his prick into her pussy. Pulling out, he coats her bum with cum.

Two menacing guys turn up at Sasha's place wanting to know what's going on. She knows nothing so one of them leaves. In her fishnets and black bra and panties, Sasha sidles up to the remaining guy on the sofa and strokes at the bulge in his pants. Rubbing at her knickers, he slides a finger into Sasha. Releasing his dick, Sasha licks and wanks. She turns so he can take her doggy and he bangs away. Ready to cum, Sasha turns to take his load on her tits.

Wearing fishnet stockings and net gloves, Delta lies fingering herself when a man turns up in her apartment. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, she takes out his cock and starts to suck. Sitting back on her sofa, Delta takes the guy deep down her throat. With his shaft wet with saliva, she eases him between her legs. Another lick of dick and Delta drops down to be filled doggy style. The two turn and she ends up riding him reverse. Delta jerks at his tadger and the guy fires over her boobs.

Dressed in black PVC, Holly has been taken to a loft to be shagged by Jamie. The pair kneel among rolls of bubble wrap as they grab and squeeze each other's bodies. Her dress lifted, Jamie licks at Holly's pussy then plunges in his fingers. Prick out, Holly is stood against a beam to be hammered hard from behind. Jamie empties his balls on her face and ties Holly up.

Christine admires herself in the bathroom mirror before applying some make-up. Her boyfriend arrives from the gym and she plays merry hell about his not returning any texts. He calms her down by kissing her neck and wrapping his arms around her naked flesh. She rubs at his crotch as he fondles her boobs. Down on the floor, Christine wanks at his length. Her tongue darts across the head of his prick. A quick suck and she stands against the basin while her boyfriend bangs in from behind. Made up, he shoots his load over her tits.

Three guys are sitting and chatting when scantily clad Stacey and Krystal appear. It's not long before the girls are on the boys' knees with fingers in their pussies. Crouching, Krystal grabs at two cocks and pulls them towards her mouth. Stacey is bent over the thirds guy's lap, licking at his length. The guys swap places. Krystal lowers herself onto a cock and rides while Stacey is taken doggy. The guys move again and Stacey gets spit-roasted. Krystal takes a prick between her thighs. Both girls drop onto all fours to be fucked. The studs jet their jizz over waiting faces and breasts.

In the final short scene, Daisy dances and spins in a room full of bubbles while a guy lies on the floor, his head in a black sack. Her gyrations are cut short when Mark bursts in looking for Holly. She's still tied up in the loft.

I have to admit I found the plot very confusing, with the dialogue, delivered in broad cockney for the most part, often appearing improvised or poorly learnt. By the end of the film I was completely lost and wasn't sure who wanted what information from where. There is good news, however, for those who only want to see the action. The DVD has a second 109 minute option which loses the plot and dialogue, although some of the shorter scenes are also missed. With some girls wasted (Scarlett, Harmony and Daisy with her bubbles), the film fails to hit the mark. The Informers is mediocre.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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