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Released: 2010
Director: The Voyeur
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • The Voyeur: Indecent Exposure
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 165 mins.

As Strangelove is to Tanya Hyde, The Voyeur appears to be a new incarnation of director Gazzman in the Harmony stable. The film follows seven girls - Kristy Lush, Carla Cox, Bellina, Adrianna Rossi, Angelica Black, Chloe Conrad and Sasha Rose - and their naughty antics in a large detached house.

Dressed in a layered pink and white skirt and tight boob tube, Chloe is captured squeezing her breasts on the sofa. Slowly her hand moves towards her pink frilly knickers and she plunges it in. Legs spread, Chloe pulls and paws at her pussy and slips in a finger. Turning to kneel, she caresses her bum. Panties off, Chloe teases herself, prodding her pussy and arse. Wiping herself with her knickers, she laps and inhales at the crotch. Moistening a pink rabbit, Chloe slips it between her legs. The buzzing toy is jammed against her clit. Dripping wet, Chloe eases a big black staff into her ass. Her bum full of phallus, she rouses her pussy to orgasm.

Scurrying across the lawn, clad in fur, fishnets and PVC, Sasha hopes she hasn't been spotted from the house as she returns from a party. Creeping in through the door, it's too late! George calls her into his room. Laid over his lap, he spanks her bum and pats at her pussy beneath the mesh body stocking. Tearing at the nylon, he starts to finger her. Sasha sinks to the floor. Pulling out George's prick, she slowly slides it down her throat. With cock coated in saliva, Sasha turns on all fours. George thrusts in. Juices trickle down her leg. George moves in for a lick, then sticks his dick back in her pussy. A jet of cum hits Sasha's bum, but George isn't finished. He lowers her onto his shaft to ride reverse. Another spurt of semen. George is still stiff and takes Sasha, spoons. His final shot covers Sasha's face in cream.

For a company who normally produce top quality films there are a few niggles with Indecent Exposure. All the girls and guys were enthusiastic and energetic, giving sizzling performances. Unfortunately, the colour balance between the cameras, most notably in Sasha's scene, was slightly out. In addition, the editing wasn't as crisp as normal. Those caveats aside, the film is still better than most and Indecent Exposure is certainly worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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