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Director: John Lindsay
Notes: loop, Taboo, A Teenage Production, 15 mins. 1970s
Notes and Reviews

Taboo label

This may be the notorious film where the crew were allowed by the caretaker to use a school in the holidays and the former head boy helped - did he appear as the stud? Certainly the classroom is realistically a classroom, but most of the sex takes place in the same anonymous motel-like room used in Boarding School. For the time, no expense was spared in that numerous extras were hired, about half a dozen girls for the class, complete with the usual John Lindsay school uniforms (short, but not unrealistically short, grey pleated skirt, white knee socks and blue shirt) and a mature woman (NK0467) playing the teacher who introduces a male student teacher to the class and tells them to behave. It didn't occur to them to get her to use the corny but apposite line 'Give him an easy ride'. He begins to take the class in a history lesson and a girl (NK0584) in the front row flicks an ink pellet at him while his back is turned. When he turns round another girl (NK0471) eggs on NK0465 to tease him by opening her legs and showing her transparent white panties. The real teacher finds a late-comer (NK0468) in the corridor, brings her in and canes her hand and knickered bottom over the teacher's desk. She tells the student to do the same if the class gives him any bother. He accepts the invitation with the tease (a brunette, NK0465) and during his punishment of her the rest of the class mysteriously disappear. She pulls her own knickers down and he gives it a few whacks, but then becomes more interested in groping her. They kiss and she gets him to lie on the desk, undoes his trousers and gives him a blowjob. Did this girl train Linda Lovelace? She'd be one of the top deep throaters of all time if this video was more widely known. However, having sucked him to a facial she leaves him drained on the desk and goes back to the bedroom she shares with another girl (blonde, Lisa Taylor) who is lying on the bed. They have lesbian sex. Another girl (NK0584 again) hears the noise and peeks in the door. Horrified, she goes to tell on them to the student teacher. He goes to their room, but instead of punishing them he joins in for a threesome, fucks them both, and gets blown again in the same spectacular fashion - the brunette manages to revive him in this way after his first cumshot into her mouth adjacent to the pussy of the blonde so that she can ride him herself. She finishes him off with another deep throat and takes a facial.

This is a minor classic in its way. The stud cums three times, though we must assume he had a rest after the first as the location was different. The brunette takes three facials and deep throats spectacularly. There's as much of a story as you could expect in a loop. The only drawbacks are the overdubbed, cut-glass accented sound and the mysterious disappearance of the rest of the class during the caning, but the over dubbed sound was a limitation of the time and it may have spared us from some atrocious acting. The sound may even have been added several years later when the reel was transferred to video as I have seen some of the loops with a musical soundtrack rather than speech.

NK0470 was also an extra sitting in the front row in the classroom.

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