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Released: 1982
Director: Gérard Kikoïne
Notes: Ribu
Alternate Titles
  • Prison très spèciales pour femmes
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Gerard Kikoïne.

A group of girls are students learning French in Paris. One is Olinka, another is Sarah [24]. They are arrested for some unfathomable reason and sent to a woman's prison where they are forced to have sex with the guards, male and female. Sarah has a scene in a cell with a brunette fellow prisoner and guard Jean-Pierre Armand. Olinka and a busty brunette are taken off in a bus by Gabriel Pontello to the home of Alban Ceray where they have sex with a pair of, presumably rich, Arab men.

A pity that Ribu do not do DVDs with language choices as this seemed to be a good film which would have been improved if it was clearer what was going on - on the other hand, but less likely given the usual quality of this director's films, perhaps the inadequacies of the plot would have been revealed.

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