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Released: 2003
Alternate Titles
  • Ces Garces Qui Trainent Les Rues
Notes and Reviews

At last, the first of Jim Slip's work has passed through the certification process and hit the shiny disc. The central conceit is that Jim is a fortysomething businessman who goes out on the street looking for working girls to bring back to his stylish docklands apartment to shag, while his mate films the proceedings.

This is well travelled territory and while the production values are high and he's chosen top girls to appear, the novelty soon wears thin. Although quite well endowed, Jim just isn't interesting enough to carry the film, as it teeters on the brink of bad vanity publishing. We've seen all the girls before in many scenes and frequently getting a much better seeing to. That said, fans of any of the girls will not be disappointed.

Hopefully future releases will feature less well known girls and will develop the format, which may be the case looking at his website.

In the first scene, businessman Jim seems to be under the arches at London Bridge when he chances upon Alicia Rhodes. He takes her back to the flat where he watches her play with herself while he wanks. Unable to control himself he enters her while she sits on the couch and then the sex progresses around the flat and in and out of the bedroom. Eventually allowing Jim to fuck her arse, Alicia keeps her skirt, top and stockings on throughout until Jim pulls out and comes over her pussy. Alicia then rearranges her clothes and leaves for her next client. As usual, top performance from a number one star.

Alyssa Jenkins has been hired for a one-to-one lapdance and she starts wearing wet-look pvc basque, pants, stockings and heels. She removes Jim's trademark striped shirt, suit and red braces as she goes along. Once she has sucked him hard, Alyssa mounts Jim cowgirl style on the sofa then, after a while, moves to the open-plan kitchen. Returning to the sofa, Alyssa lubes her arse to allow Jim to fuck it doggy-style, finally wanking him to a climax.

Jim has arranged to meet Claire Brown under Tower Bridge (cue export market) and she's wearing a Union Jack skirt. Back at the flat she shows us her knickers and stockings before Jim joins her and slips his cock straight up Claire's wet pussy. The action moves from the hall to the bedroom where the hard shagging continues, although not hard enough as Claire enjoys a fag during a quieter doggy interlude. Anal sex follows, although by this time Claire is on autopilot (by design) and is distractedly checking her nail polish. Eventually Jim wanks over her pussy, confessing that he found Claire's boredom sexy.

Jim is on his way to visit Cheryl at a home brothel in Surrey. Cheryl, in an eye-popping short red satin dress that barely covers her pussy and red fishnet tights, fixes the guys a drink in the kitchen before the action starts. Moving back to the living room, Jim's cameraman thoughtfully cuts a chunk out of Cheryl's tights to allow her to play with herself while sucking Jim, then the proper sex begins all over the small lounge. Cheryl keeps the fishnets and boots on throughout as she fucks Jim on the sofa, floor and against the fireplace, finally wanking off over her pussy. Business concluded, the pair leave.

As far as I'm concerned the jury is out on this series and I look forward to future releases to see if it can develop enough character to sustain it.

Review by Bayleaf

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