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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

Second outing for this new-to-DVD series featuring the eponymous Jim Slip as an English businessman shagging his way through London's lowlife working girls. Obviously made with a big eye for the US market from the opening Union flag and Rule Britannia theme to the ultra-obvious landmark locations.

Caitlin and Jenny are picked up under the railway arches and start to fondle each other once they're in the car on the way back to Jim's Docklands loft. Both have the American schoolgirl look with short tartan skirts and ripped stockings. The girls start on each other in an uninhibited way on the sofa and while this happens Jim makes a cuppa and has a fag - what a gent! The girls undress Jim and the action begins moving to the bedroom. Sex includes anal for both girls and DP with the help of a big pink dildo. Eventually Jim wanks over Jenny's pussy. Charmingly the girls keep their skirts on throughout.

At Tower Bridge, Jim has arranged a liaison with Kat Varga, a married girl from the Russian Embassy who's hobby is screwing men of different nationalities. Underneath her demure coat, with briefcase and glasses, she is wearing a small black dress and hold-ups. She gives a fine display of wanking, then sex on the sofa, coffee table and bed. A fine physical performance from Kat which includes anal and a cumshot over her tits.

Faye is another downmarket working girl who is found in an alley. She sports pink top, leather mini and ripped stockings, but this doesn't bother Jim as she charges just £20 for a shag. Back at Gerry's grubby flat, Jim fucks Faye all over the place - bed, sofa, table and then on to anal on the sofa.

Finally Jim pays another visit to the Surbiton brothel where he finds Eliza is working. Eliza wears a black skirt, sheer top and stockings and looks very slim and elegant as she models the outfit on the stairs. Jim removes her pants and tries to have sex with her on the stairs with some difficulty, so they return to the lounge. After sex in missionary and doggy, Eliza changes into a green tartan skirt and gets fucked standing up, then on a mattress on the floor in an upstairs room. Eliza never smiles, or even seems that interested while she gets fucked in any of her performances and remains somewhat of an enigma.

Four popular Brits and an honorary one. Each scene has a lengthy build up to sex of 10 to 15 minutes and there's often a short conversation between Jim and Gerry after the girls have left. As always there are plenty of references to London and even costumes designed to appeal to the American market. Still, as long as Dick Van Dyke doesn't appear as a sweep ...

Review by Bayleaf

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