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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

In a dark street Jim picks up Petra, a tall Eastern-European blonde wearing all black. Back in a grubby studio/flat Petra removes her skirt and top allowing Jim to finger her pussy through her fishnet tights and fuck her reverse cowgirl. Petra then carefully removes her ripped tights then replaces them and her black thighboots after removing her pants, allowing Jim access as they fuck again on the bed.

Back in the South London brothel that Jim frequents, Rebekah is hamming it up in total-slut mode. She parades for Jim in black fishnets, red fishnet body and six inch heels, then removes her gum and attacks his cock first with her mouth then her pussy. Sex in cowgirl and doggy, then a change of clothes as she shows her suitcase-wardrobe to the camera. She returns with a schoolgirl look, pigtails and a lollipop, which finds its way into her pussy - swiftly followed by Jim's cock as they fuck on the stairs, floor and sofa. Eventually Jim pulls out and dumps his load over her pussy.

At Hadlow Castle in Kent, Jim meets Lara Latex in full French maid attire on the spiral staircase. We get a lovely view of Lara's white knickers as she leads the way up the stairs giving us a tour of the rooms before finding Jenny Loveitt and Frazer in the fetish room. After the girls loosen each other's clothing Jenny pops her head into the stocks and gives Jim's cock a swift suck. Lara then slips off her knickers and jumps on Jim's cock on the sofa while Jenny sucks Frazer. Jenny replaces Lara on Jim's cock and Lara mounts Frazer. Then, for the rest of the scene, the girls swap cocks as they fuck on the sofa, armchair and fetish benches. Jenny bends over Lara's lap and, after some awkwardness, takes both Jim and Frazer right up her bum. She also manages a reverse cowgirl DP. More anal for Jenny and a promise from Lara and the scene ends with Jim splashing over Lara's pussy and Jenny licking it off.

Jim picks up Sandie in an alley. Back at the flat she shows her bare pussy, bending over the table revealing her fishnet stocking tops. Sex starts with doggy on the floor without the need for Sandie to remove any more clothes and moves to the table and other parts of the flat for sex in most positions. Sandie chatters to the camera most of the time then trots off to find some lube in her bag so that Jim can fuck her up the bum in reverse cowgirl (and other positions). Finally Sandie sucks a prone Jim to climax and waves goodbye to the camera.

This series is unashamedly aimed at the overseas market; from the Rule Britannia theme to Jim's Union Jack boxers. So the claim that some of our best-loved stars are simple streetwalkers doing their first on-camera trick can be safely ignored. What we then have is some of our best loved girls going over-the-top in slut mode and getting pleasantly shagged by a very lucky old git. Certainly worth a look.

Review by Bayleaf

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