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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

As far as fantasy jobs go, John Mason's can't be far off on the day he (or she) booked this vacation for him. As well as the usual shorts and sun lotion for a Spanish villa, he put eight top porn babes and superstud Lee Henshaw in his luggage. The result is seven top scenes with Lee providing the love-muscle in six of them.

Jenny Loveitt is in one of the villa's bedrooms and she is desperate to get fucked by Lee. The pair undress each other with urgent desire, kissing and licking each other, and if Lee slackens then Jenny gives herself a good pussy pounding. The sex starts with spoons and Jenny urging Lee to give it to her. Jenny is one of the few performers who seem to be genuinely addicted to cock and can carry off such gasping and groaning with conviction. Doggy and reverse cowgirl follow before Lee dumps a load in her mouth and on her cheek.

Meanwhile Tammy and Tilly are in the garden. The girls break off strong tongue on tongue action to undress each other. More stroking and kissing follows before Tilly and then Tammy get their pussies filled with dildos. The 69 position allows both girls to continue clit-licking while pushing dildos into each other. And the scene continues in this manner with the girls kissing and licking until the camera fades. Fans of full-on girl-girl action can buy for this scene alone.

Now I don't know how long it takes Lee to recover from a shag, but he's back in action on a breezy balcony with the delightful Eden giving anyone in the surrounding couple of dozen villas a great show. Lee gives Eden the finger and tongue treatment and she returns the favour before he enters her spoons style. Sex in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl followed by some deeply penetrating doggy finishing, back in spoons, as Lee pulls out and spunks over her pussy.

Back indoors it's Lee's turn to enjoy Carley's favours. Lee strips her and, laid on the bed, he attacks her pussy with his tongue. Carley sucks Lee's cock and there's a lengthy 69 before she climbs on top for sex. More positions follow then, with Carley's bum in the air, Lee pauses to find a small green dildo to insert in her arse. This is followed, after a quick lube-break, with anal sex in reverse cowgirl and spoons before Lee provides a facial. Carley is a big girl, not fat, but almost the same size as Lee, which gives this scene a heavy duty feel from a young lady that also gives live performances.

In the garden, Caitlin and Lee are getting undressed before oral then full sex. Lying on striped mats on the grass the action moves through spoons, doggy and missionary with Caitlin giving satisfactory gasps along the way. After vaginal sex in reverse cowgirl, Caitlin eases Lee's cock all the way up her arse and then in doggy before Lee cums all over her face and tits.

As if defying the laws of nature, Lee is inside the villa on a couch kissing Vicky Powell. The pair continue to kiss and suck each other's parts as they slowly undress through the scene. Eventually, kneeling, Lee eases into Vicky's pussy as she sits on the couch and sex continues in spoons and cowgirl (both ways) and doggy. The scene ends with Lee spunking over Vicky's tits and one last snog. This is quite a sensuous scene which is enhanced by its rarity value. And if you are a fan of watching attractive, tall, slim, big-breasted brunettes getting a proper shagging, perfection has arrived.

In the final scene, anyone other than Lee Henshaw would have believed they'd died and gone to heaven. For the man is in the garden with Bev, Jenny, Tilly and Caitlin, all in their bikinis. This is the kind of scene that is pointless to describe other than brilliant. When not getting attention from Lee, the girls amuse each other with kissing, licking and dildo (in some cases double dildo) action. Once they're all naked, Lee works his way through all four girls having sex with each solo or while they're busy licking or dildoing one of the other girls. At the end of the scene Lee manages to splash a little spunk over all the girls' mouths and tits which they lick off each other while giving Lee's cock another suck.

This is a brilliant no nonsense British fuck film with Lee Henshaw staking a strong claim to be Britain's top male performer. Clearly shot by John Mason with all the performers obviously thoroughly enjoying what they would normally do on a Spanish holiday and getting a little something for their trouble.

One final point, as far as I can tell the whole film was shot with a single camera, however in Carley's scene the camera briefly catches another girl, slim short dress, filming the action. As the mystery camerawoman is only in shot for a couple of seconds and is silhouetted against the window, she isn't easy to identify, though she doesn't seem to be any of the other models.

Review by Bayleaf

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